Good News for Indians in UAE as Visa Issues Resolved

Recent reports say that visa problems faced by applicants in the last two weeks have been fixed. Visa processing companies shared this good news, bringing relief to many people.

It’s confirmed that visa applications from Indians submitted since yesterday have been approved. This puts an end to a time of uncertainty and worry. The trouble started because of a new law in the UAE called “Demographic Diversity.” The government made this law to ensure companies have fewer employees from one nationality.

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According to this law, companies must have a mix of employees, with no more than 20% from the same country. Even though this law is essential, the government didn’t officially tell people about it. So, when visa applications were rejected, applicants didn’t know why.

A system message told people to follow the demographic diversity rules during the visa application. Because there was no official information, people got confused. False information on social media made things worse, suggesting that the UAE stopped giving visas to many countries, including India. This worried people who wanted to work there.

People were advised not to move to the UAE, and those already working there were told to stick to their current visas until things were clear. However, recent reports bring good news for Indians, as the visa approval process seems to be back to normal.

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It’s important to mention that while Indians have their visa problems fixed, people from other countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh still have visa issues in the UAE. In their case, the problem is not directly linked to the “Demographic Diversity” law but because many people from these countries stayed in the UAE after their visas expired.

In conclusion, the recent good news about visa approvals for Indians in the UAE is a positive turn of events. It’s a relief for many people, giving them clarity and the chance to go after opportunities in the UAE without unnecessary problems.


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