Abu Dhabi Police Issues Warning on Illicit Online Games Targeting Children

To protect parents from the potential dangers associated with electronic games, Abu Dhabi Police have issued a cautionary advisory. The police have informed parents about the risks involved in electronic games, especially those that may lead to addiction, exposure to inappropriate content, and online predators. As a proactive measure, authorities recommend that parents closely monitor their children’s activities on smart devices.

Police Urging Vigilance and Monitoring

Abu Dhabi Police urge parents to actively observe and regulate their children’s interactions with online games. The potential adverse effects include addiction, cyberbullying, and exposure to age-inappropriate content. Parents are advised to closely supervise their children’s activities on smart devices to address these concerns, ensuring a safe and secure online environment.

Collaboration with Authorities

To bolster the campaign against illicit online games, Abu Dhabi Police encourage parents to report suspicious or concerning activities. They have established a hotline, AMAN2626 (8002626), where parents can report incidents via text messages, emails ([email protected]), or the Abu Dhabi General Command’s Smart Application. This collaborative effort aims to create awareness and enable authorities to take prompt action against potential threats.

Tracking and Reporting Incidents

Parents are also encouraged to use the dedicated hotline and reporting channels to track and report online activities related to their children. Whether it’s monitoring online gaming or reporting intimidation or blackmail, Abu Dhabi Police are keen on addressing these issues promptly. The goal is to create a safer online environment for children and empower parents to stay informed about their children’s digital interactions.


As the use of electronic devices and online platforms continues to rise, so do the potential associated risks. Abu Dhabi Police’s proactive approach to educating parents and encouraging vigilance is a commendable step toward ensuring the safety of children in the digital realm. By actively involving parents in the monitoring process, the initiative aims to mitigate the risks posed by illicit online games and create a secure online environment for the younger generation.


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