Do new visa regulations in the UAE provide opportunities for Indian nationals?

Recently, the UAE has introduced new visa regulations, granting Indian nationals the right to obtain travel visas for employment opportunities.

Key Points:

  • Visa Application Process:
    • During the visa application process, a pop-up message highlights the new regulation.
    • Emphasis is placed on demographic diversity during the hiring process.
  • Quota for Diversity:
    • Companies are now allowed a 20% quota for diversity in their hiring practices.
    • Achieving this diversity grants companies the right to recruit individuals from other countries.
  • Rejection for Non-Compliance:
    • Companies failing to adhere to this rule face rejection when applying for visas for individuals from the same country again.

These regulations are not only applicable to Indian nationals but extend to all companies or organizations making personnel appointments. It becomes essential for companies, whether established or newly formed, to follow these regulations when hiring employees.

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The Gulf Times reports that the rule aims to prevent companies from concentrating their workforce solely on one country.


  • The regulation does not restrict visa categories such as investor visas, job visas, partner visas, etc.

Challenges and Impact:

  • This regulation could pose a challenge for companies in the UAE, especially those hesitant to prioritize diversity in their hiring practices.
  • The new regulation may result in extended waiting times for Indian nationals when applying for travel visas if the company they are selected by does not meet the diversity criteria.
  • This signifies a significant shift in the employment landscape for Indian nationals in the UAE.

Criticism and Concerns:

  • The regulation has faced criticism and objections from official authorities and agents.
  • Local media outlets have highlighted concerns, stating that the rule may deter companies in certain countries from centralizing their workforce in a particular establishment.


  • With approximately 389,000 Indian expatriates in the UAE, constituting over 37.96% of the total population, the regulation holds potential consequences for Indian job seekers.

While universally applicable, enforcing the rule could be more challenging for Indian nationals, raising concerns about its effectiveness and potential drawbacks.


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