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AED Currency Rate Today – UAE Forex Exchange

Understanding the AED Currency Rate Today - UAE Forex Exchange is paramount in the dynamic landscape of global finances. This comprehensive guide provides real-time...

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Beware of Job Interview Scams: Unveiling 32 Scam Interview Locations in the UAE

Recently, the UAE has become a hub for job opportunities, attracting individuals from around the globe. However, a concerning trend has emerged amidst the legitimate job market – job interview scams. It has come to our attention that specific locations have been flagged by vigilant candidates as potential hotspots for fraudulent job offers. To ensure your safety and well-being, we bring you a comprehensive list of locations associated with job interview scams. If you receive any interview or job offers from these areas, consider it a red flag and avoid them at all costs. Fake/Scam Job Interview Locations 1. Al Zahra St. Damas Building G-2000, Sharjah A dubious office situated opposite Message Bookshop on the 3rd floor of...

UAE Temporarily Halts Visa Issuance for Indian Nationals

In a recent development, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has temporarily halted the issuance of visas for Indian nationals. While the measure is believed to be temporary, no official notification has been provided regarding the timeline for the resolution of this issue. The decision has raised concerns, especially among companies in the UAE that employ many Indian nationals. Employers are finding themselves unable to obtain visas for their Indian workforce, creating uncertainty about the future of their operations. Read More: Emirates Draw Temporarily Suspends Raffle Operations in UAE: Gearing Up for Exciting UpgradesUnlocking MOHRE Secrets: Understanding Salary Complaints in the UAECompany is Holding Your Passport? It's Illegal in UAE - Check SolutionIndia and UAE Collaborate to Facilitate Visas...

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