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UAE Suspends All Visa Types for Pakistani Nationals, Says Local Company

Dubai, UAE: The UAE has halted the issuance of all visa types for Pakistani nationals, according to information from a Dubai-based documents clearing company....

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UAE Implements New Mental Health Law: Fines Up to Dh200,000 and Imprisonment for Violations

In a significant move towards prioritizing mental health, the UAE Government has introduced a Federal Law that imposes strict penalties for violations. The law, effective immediately, sets out fines ranging from Dh50,000 to Dh200,000 and possible imprisonment for those found guilty of breaching its regulations and provisions. Ensuring Patient Rights A vital feature of the new legislation is the establishment of dedicated monitoring committees in each emirate. These committees are tasked with safeguarding the rights of psychiatric patients, reflecting the government's commitment to ensuring the highest standards of mental healthcare. The law, designed to align with the latest advancements in mental healthcare practices, emphasizes protecting patients' rights and providing optimal physical and psychological care. By regulating the relationships...

UAE Temporarily Halts Visa Issuance for Indian Nationals

In a recent development, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has temporarily halted the issuance of visas for Indian nationals. While the measure is believed to be temporary, no official notification has been provided regarding the timeline for the resolution of this issue. The decision has raised concerns, especially among companies in the UAE that employ many Indian nationals. Employers are finding themselves unable to obtain visas for their Indian workforce, creating uncertainty about the future of their operations. Read More: Emirates Draw Temporarily Suspends Raffle Operations in UAE: Gearing Up for Exciting UpgradesUnlocking MOHRE Secrets: Understanding Salary Complaints in the UAECompany is Holding Your Passport? It's Illegal in UAE - Check SolutionIndia and UAE Collaborate to Facilitate Visas...

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