UAE March 2024 Fuel Price Announced: Comparison With Previous Months

The UAE fuel price committee has made its monthly announcement, revealing the petrol and diesel prices set to take effect from March 1, 2024. Motorists across the Emirates eagerly anticipate these updates, as they directly impact their day-to-day expenses. Here’s a breakdown of the latest fuel rates:

  • Super 98 petrol: Dh3.03 per litre.
  • Special 95 petrol: Dh2.92 per litre.
  • E-Plus 91 petrol: Dh2.85 per litre.
  • Diesel: Dh3.16 per litre.

Comparison with Previous Months

Let’s take a look at how these prices stack up against the rates from January and February:

Fuel TypeMarch 2024 Price (Dh/litre)February 2024 Price (Dh/litre)January 2024 Price (Dh/litre)
Super 98 petrol3.032.882.82
Special 95 petrol2.922.762.71
E-Plus 91 petrol2.852.692.64

Analysis of Price Changes

The recent trend in fuel prices continues into March, marking the third consecutive month of increases across all fuel types. Super 98 petrol, the premium grade, has seen a notable rise from Dh2.82 per liter in January to Dh3.03 per liter in March, reflecting a steady climb in cost. Special 95 and E-Plus 91 petrol also follow suit, with respective increases of Dh0.21 and Dh0.18 per liter over the same period.


However, the most substantial hike is observed in diesel prices, surging from Dh3.00 per liter in January to Dh3.16 per liter in March. This significant jump of Dh0.16 per liter in just two months may pose challenges for businesses reliant on diesel-powered vehicles for transportation and logistics.

The consistent upward trajectory of fuel prices underscores various economic factors, including global oil market dynamics, geopolitical tensions, and local demand-supply dynamics. While these increases may strain consumer budgets and business operations, they also highlight the need for sustainable energy solutions and prudent fuel consumption practices.


As motorists and businesses brace themselves for higher fuel costs in March 2024, the steady rise in petrol and diesel prices underscores the importance of proactive energy management strategies. With ongoing volatility in global oil markets and geopolitical uncertainties, stakeholders must remain vigilant and explore avenues for greater fuel efficiency and alternative energy sources.

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