Are Indians, Pakistanis, And Bangladeshis Getting UAE Visas Now? What Is The Current Situation?

In recent days, a wave of uncertainty has swept across the Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi communities regarding the issuance of visas for the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Conflicting reports from authorized visa documentation offices have bewildered many about current affairs.

Reports indicate that some visa offices cannot process visas for Indians, attributing the issue to restrictions imposed by the UAE visa system. One noteworthy aspect of concern is a warning message circulating about “Geographics Diversity.”

So, what exactly is the UAE Geographics Diversity Rule?

The UAE is home to a diverse population, with approximately 37.96% being of Indian nationality, 16.72% Pakistani, and 7.38% Bangladeshi. This cumulative figure is 62% of the population (Data Source: Global Media Insight). To foster diversity in the workforce, the government introduced a rule stipulating that the first 20% of a company’s visa quota must be allocated to nationals from countries other than India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Once this quota is fulfilled, 80% can be assigned to individuals from any nationality.

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This measure aims to encourage a more balanced representation of nationalities within companies operating in the UAE. The rule ensures that a significant portion of the workforce comprises individuals from diverse backgrounds.

However, the situation takes a different turn for Pakistani citizens. In April 2023, the UAE suspended visa issuance for all Pakistani citizens, citing a rise in the number of individuals overstaying their visas. This decision, implemented in 2023, continues to affect Pakistani nationals seeking visas to the UAE.

As for Indian nationals, the landscape has shifted with introducing the “Geographics Diversity” rule. While there were previously no restrictions on Indians visiting or working in the UAE, the current regulation has created hurdles for job seekers. Companies are now reluctant to hire Indian nationals, and visa changes have become challenging due to the new rule. Consequently, prospective job seekers from India are opting to avoid the UAE, a sentiment echoed by authorities.

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It is uncertain whether these rules will be amended or revoked, as the decisions rest with the UAE Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation (MOHRE). The evolving situation underscores the importance of staying informed and abreast of the latest developments in UAE visa policies.

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