Company is Holding Your Passport? It’s Illegal in UAE – Check Solution

If you find yourself in the distressing situation of your employer holding your passport, fret not. It’s crucial to understand the steps to retrieve it legally. This guide will walk you through the process in Dubai, ensuring a smooth resolution to this potentially alarming situation.

Filing an Application at Al Adheed Centre

At the heart of Dubai, the Al Adheed Centre offers a legal recourse for those whose passports are wrongfully held. This center plays a pivotal role in reclaiming your passport.

Office NameAl Adheed Centre
LocationOpposite Al Naser Club, Business Venue Building, Umm Hurair Road, Oud Metha, Dubai, UAE.
Google MapClick Link
Process Duration3 to 5 days

Dubai Courts: Issuing the Necessary Order

Upon submitting your application, the Dubai courts swing into action. Within a reasonable timeframe of 3 to 5 days, an official order is issued, setting the legal machinery in motion.

Coordinating with the Local Police

Armed with the court order, your next stop is the nearest police station to your workplace. Present the order, and the police will take charge, contacting your employer to facilitate the return of your passport.

Police Intervention: A Last Resort

Should your employer remain unresponsive, the police can escalate matters. Accompanying you to your workplace, they will demand the return of the passport. If denial persists, the final recourse is the labor courts.

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Legally, employers are not entitled to hold your passport. Understanding your rights is the first step in addressing this issue. The process outlined here aligns with the legal framework in Dubai, ensuring a fair and just resolution.

Employer Non-Compliance: Police Involvement

If your employer fails to respond to initial attempts, involving the police becomes necessary. Their intervention adds weight to your request, compelling your employer to comply with legal obligations.

Labor Courts: The Ultimate Resolution

In instances of complete non-cooperation, the labor courts offer the final avenue for resolution. Ensuring due process, this step provides a legal platform to address the wrongful possession of your passport.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the court order take to process?

The court order typically takes 3 to 5 days to process, ensuring a swift legal response to your application.

Can the police accompany me to the workplace immediately?

Yes, if your employer does not respond to initial police contact, they can accompany you to your workplace to demand the return of your passport.

What happens if the employer denies having the passport?

In such cases, the labor courts become the last resort, providing a legal avenue for resolution and compelling the return of your passport.

Is it common for employers to hold passports in Dubai?

No, it is illegal for employers to hold passports in Dubai. The outlined process ensures a legal and systematic approach to reclaiming your passport.

Can I file a complaint against my employer for holding my passport?

Yes, if the situation escalates, filing a complaint with the labor courts becomes necessary to address the illegal possession of your passport.

Are there any fines or penalties for employers holding passports?

Employers holding passports can face legal consequences, including fines. The legal system is designed to protect employees’ rights in such situations.


Reclaiming your passport from an employer in Dubai is a well-defined legal process. By following the outlined steps, you can confidently navigate the system, ensuring a timely and lawful resolution. Remember, your passport is your personal property, and no employer has the right to withhold it.


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