UAE: Streamlined Passport Replacement Process in 2 Simple Method

In the fast-paced realm of global travel, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has demonstrated its commitment to efficient services by offering a straightforward process for UAE citizens to replace lost or damaged passports. This initiative aims to ensure a seamless experience, putting convenience at the forefront for individuals facing such situations.

Two Effortless Methods for Passport Replacement:

1. Digital Channels (Website/Smart Application)

In the era of digital convenience, UAE citizens can kickstart their passport replacement journey by accessing the dedicated online platform through the official website or an intelligent application. The process involves:

  • Registration/Login: Utilize the Digital Identity (UAEPASS) for a secure login.
  • Service Selection: Choose the passport issuing service and specify the reason for replacement (lost, damaged, or no pages left).
  • Application Submission: Fill in the required application data accurately.
  • Fee Payment: If applicable, complete the transaction by paying the service fee.

2. Customer Happiness Center

For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, visiting the nearest Customer Happiness Center is the way to go. The steps include:

  • Turn Ticket: Obtain an automated turn ticket upon arrival and patiently wait for your turn.
  • Application Submission: Apply, along with the necessary documents, to the customer service representative.
  • Fee Payment: If applicable, complete the process by paying the service fee.
UAE Customer Happiness Center
Customer Happiness Center In UAE

Requirements for Damaged Passport Replacement

For citizens dealing with damaged passports, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • Photo: Provide a recent photo with a white background (5.4 x 5.3 cm).
  • Original Damaged Passport: Present the original damaged passport.
  • Damage Report: Submit a detailed report outlining the causes of damage.
  • Presence in the Country: Passport holders must be physically present during the application process.

Requirements for a Lost Passport Replacement

In cases of lost passports, the replacement process requires the following:

  • Personal Photo: Submit a personal photo as part of the application.
  • Police Certificate: Provide a police certificate indicating the lost passport.
  • Presence in the Country: Similar to damaged passports, holders must be present during the replacement process.


The cost associated with passport replacement includes Dh300 plus VAT (5%). Additional Knowledge Dirham (Dh10) and Innovation Dirham (Dh10) charges may apply.

Authorities emphasize the critical need to verify entered data, such as the ID number and expiration date, before proceeding with fee payment. A meticulous review prevents processing delays and ensures a smooth transaction within the expected timeframe.

1. Digital Channels– Register/Login through Digital Identity (UAEPASS).
– Select passport issuing service and specify the reason for replacement.
– Fill in the application data.
– Pay the service fee if applicable.
2. Customer Happiness Center– Visit the nearest center.
– Obtain an automated turn ticket and wait.
– Apply the required documents to the representative.
– Pay the service fee if applicable.

In the electronic form, applicants must also confirm their email, delivery method, and phone number. The Federal Identity, Customs, and Port Security Board reviews and verifies the entered data meticulously. To avoid rejection and ensure a seamless procedure, strict adherence to requirements and the submission of accurate information are vital.

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For citizens encountering passport issues abroad, seeking assistance from the UAE embassy in the respective country is advised.

UAE Pass App Website Screenshot


In embracing the digital age, the UAE has revolutionized its passport replacement process, offering citizens a choice between the convenience of online channels and the personal touch of Customer Happiness Centers. The emphasis on accuracy, thoroughness, and adherence to requirements underscores the commitment to providing citizens with a hassle-free experience.


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