Understand LinkedIn Fake Job Offers: Advice to Job Seekers in UAE – Don’t Waste Your Time By Hitting Like Button and Commenting YES

In the fast-paced world of job hunting, LinkedIn has become a crucial platform for professionals in the UAE. Its broad reach and connectivity features make it easier for job seekers to connect with employers, simplifying the job search and application process. However, amid the legitimate opportunities, a rising concern has emerged – the widespread occurrence of fake job offers on the platform.

Unmasking the Deceptive LinkedIn Job Offers

fake linkeidn job offer
A fake profile posted a phony job offer on LinkedIn.

The News Gulf Editorial team has discovered fake LinkedIn accounts pretending to be real HR profiles. These accounts cleverly share tempting job opportunities, claiming to be from “Armenia.” Their tactic is to attract job seekers with promises of well-paying positions in the UAE, offering salaries between 4000 and 6000 AED, visa support, and a location in Dubai.

The catch? Job seekers are prompted to express interest by hitting the like button and commenting “YES” on these posts. In doing so, the fraudulent job offers gain traction and visibility on LinkedIn, subsequently leading unsuspecting candidates to fraudulent websites.

A legitimate company will never ask you to like or comment on a job offer post.

example for a linkedin fake profile

Identifying Red Flags: Differentiating Fake from Genuine Offers

To shield yourself from falling victim to these scams, it’s crucial to discern the red flags associated with fake LinkedIn job offers:

  1. Profile Verification: Examine the profile of the person posting the job. Make sure it’s real, with a genuine professional background.
  2. Incomplete Job Posts: Genuine job offers include essential details like job role, company name, contact information, and email. Be wary of posts lacking this information and inflated salary promises to attract candidates.
  3. Employ Your Intelligence: Enhance your capacity to identify fraudulent offers. Be skeptical of opportunities that seem too good to be accurate, and exercise caution in your online interactions.
  4. Consult Experienced Contacts: Seek advice from experienced friends or colleagues who have navigated the job market. Their insights can provide an additional layer of security.
  5. Beware of Engagement Requests: Legitimate companies do not require candidates to engage with job offer posts by liking or commenting. Treat such requests as potential red flags.

Navigating Genuine Opportunities on LinkedIn

In the quest for authentic job opportunities, consider the following strategies:

  1. Company Profiles: Explore the official LinkedIn pages of companies operating in the UAE. Most reputable companies post their job vacancies directly on their profiles.
  2. HR Profiles: Identify and follow the HR profiles of companies you are interested in. Keep a close eye on their updates, as they often share job openings and relevant updates.

By adopting these precautions and strategies, job seekers can fortify themselves against the rising tide of fraudulent job offers on LinkedIn.

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In the ever-changing world of online job searches, staying vigilant is crucial to protecting oneself from deceptive practices. Although LinkedIn is a powerful tool for professional networking, it requires careful judgment to distinguish real opportunities from scams. By staying informed, checking profiles for authenticity, and using the proper channels, job seekers can navigate the platform securely and ensure a safeguarded professional future.


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