Exploring Hair Loss: Is Hair Fall Common After Moving to the UAE? [REASON]

Many travelers to the UAE have reported experiencing hair loss after relocating, attributing it to factors such as water quality, climate conditions, and constant exposure to air conditioning. However, experts suggest that there is insufficient evidence to conclusively link hair fall to the act of moving to the UAE.

According to experts, when individuals relocate from their home country to a new environment, several “specific factors” may contribute to hair loss. Dr. Hussain Abdulrasik, a dermatology and cosmetology specialist at Burjeel Day Surgery Center in Al Reem Island, highlights the influence of genetic predisposition, environmental changes, and lifestyle factors. He emphasizes that factors like climate variations and lifestyle habits play crucial roles in the hair loss experienced by individuals after relocating.


“Epi-genome, environmental changes, and dietary habits are all interconnected in contributing to hair loss,” explains Dr. Abdulrasik. He elaborates that dietary alterations, stress, and lifestyle choices can impact gene expression in hair loss.

DNA alterations and the modulation of gene expression without changing the underlying DNA sequence can influence the production of proteins and enzymes related to hair health, elucidates Dr. Abdulrasik. “Epigenetic changes associated with unhealthy dietary patterns, stress, and lifestyle factors can influence genes involved in hair expression,” he further explains.

Why Do Women Experience More Hair Loss Than Men?

Dr. Nagla Ramsi, a dermatologist specializing in hair disorders at Prime Hospital, highlights that women tend to experience more severe hair loss than men. Factors such as hormonal fluctuations, birth control methods, or conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) often contribute to these fluctuations, says Dr. Ramsi. She emphasizes that conditions such as PCOS and the use of contraceptive pills containing certain hormones can lead to various medical conditions, often resulting in hair loss.

Hair washing with water high in chlorine, fluoride, or containing hard minerals, or the use of harsh chemical-based hair products can exacerbate hair loss problems, Dr. Ramsi further suggests. She emphasizes the importance of seeking professional advice for practical solutions, especially in cases where hair problems persist despite lifestyle modifications.

In conclusion, while relocation to the UAE may coincide with changes in water quality, climate, and lifestyle, attributing hair loss solely to this factor lacks substantial evidence. Instead, individuals experiencing hair fall are advised to consider various factors such as genetic predisposition, environmental changes, and lifestyle habits. Seeking professional medical advice for tailored solutions is crucial in managing hair loss effectively.


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