Dubai’s Parkin Unveils Ambitious Expansion Plans Following IPO Listing

In response to a projected 60% surge in parking demand by 2033, Parkin, Dubai’s leading paid parking facilities and services provider, disclosed its strategic expansion plans after announcing its initial public offering (IPO) listing on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM).

Meeting the Growing Demand

Parkin’s primary focus is addressing the escalating demand for parking spaces in Dubai. The company plans to develop new paid spaces across the Emirate, anticipating a surge in demand over the next decade. This expansion initiative aims to cater to the burgeoning needs of a growing community, ensuring a balance between supply and demand.


Tariff Optimization for Premium Zones

A significant growth opportunity identified by Parkin involves the effective implementation of tariff optimization. The company intends to reclassify certain standard tariff zones as “premium” based on occupancy rates in specific areas. This strategic move is expected to enable Parkin to command higher parking fees in premium zones, contributing to increased revenue.

Strategic Partnerships and Agreements

Parkin aims to explore various opportunities to expand existing agreements and establish new partnerships with private developers across Dubai. As the city undergoes continuous expansion, the company seeks to align itself with strategic partners to facilitate its growth and meet the evolving demands of the community.

Assurances for Free Parking Areas

A senior Roads and Transport Authority (RTA official) clarified that all areas currently enjoying free parking remain unaffected. The decision to convert these areas into paid parking zones will be subject to the RTA’s discretion, emphasizing a balanced approach to parking accessibility in the city.

Key Figures and Concession Agreement

Ahmed Hashem Bahrozyan, Chairman of Parkin’s Board of Directors, highlighted the company’s reliance on demand dynamics for implementing paid parking services. Parkin holds a 49-year concession agreement with the RTA, granting exclusive rights to operate all paid public on-street, off-street, and public multi-story car parks.

IPO Announcement and Operational Scale

Parkin’s announcement of its IPO indicates a significant milestone in its journey. As of December 31, the company managed around 197,000 paid parking spaces in Dubai, overseeing enforcement, acceptable issuance, and collection within these facilities.

Technological Advancements for Fines Collection

Parkin plans to invest in technology to expand its enforcement capabilities, enhancing customer compliance. As the sole entity authorized to enforce fines in Dubai, the company aims to bolster its revenue from enforcement activities. With a remarkable 99% collection rate on fines issued to UAE vehicles in 2023, Parkin continues to digitize surveillance and enforcement through smart parking inspection scan cars and intelligent parking lots.

Revenue Breakdown and Future Outlook

Approximately 56% of Parkin’s revenue stems from payments on parking, with tariffs determined by factors such as location, type of parking facilities, and activity rates within each zone. Seasonal cards, permits, and reservation service are collected upfront for 17% of the company’s revenant.


As Parkin embarks on its IPO journey and reveals its ambitious expansion plans, the company remains dedicated to addressing the evolving parking landscape in Dubai. Balancing technological advancements, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Parkin positions itself as a key player in Dubai’s parking infrastructure. The Emirate can anticipate an increase in parking space and enhance enforcement capabilities, ensuring a seamless and regulated parking experience for residents and visitors alike.


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