Emirates to Hire 4,000 Cabin Crew; Expected Salary Revealed

The soaring skies of Dubai are set to welcome 4000+ new cabin crew members as Emirates Airlines launches an ambitious recruitment drive. Excitement builds as the airline anticipates the arrival of A350s and Boeing 777-Xs in the coming years.

A Sky Full of Opportunities

Explore the fantastic career prospects awaiting those who aspire to join the Emirates family.

Expansion and Fleet Update

A closer look at the anticipated aircraft deliveries, including the A350s and Boeing 777-Xs, shaping the airline’s future.

Recruitment Drive Criteria

They unveil the critical requirements for aspiring candidates, from language proficiency to height specifications, as Emirates sets high standards.

Lucrative Salaries: What to Expect

Delve into the salary brackets, ranging from AED 4,300 to a staggering AED 330,500 annually, enticing prospective cabin crew members.

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Emirates’ Global Reach: Recruitment Events

An in-depth overview of the extensive open days and assessments across 460 cities and six continents showcasing the airline’s commitment to global talent acquisition.

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Previous Hiring Milestones

Reflecting on Emirates’ 2023 accomplishments, where 8,000 cabin crew members were welcomed, the airline soared past the 20,000-strong cabin crew milestone.

Cabin Crew Life: Beyond the Clouds

I was unpacking the perks of being an Emirates cabin crew member, from tax-free salaries to concessional travel, annual leave, and opportunities for career growth.

Multicultural Harmony in the Skies

Embracing diversity with cabin crew members representing over 140 nationalities and speaking 130 languages, fostering a truly global work environment.

Career Progression: Soar Higher

I am exploring the avenues for career advancement within the Emirates cabin crew community, from upgrading cabin classes to becoming supervisors, pursers, or trainers.

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Training the Emirates Way

A glimpse into the intensive eight-week training program, highlighting the essential skills and qualities imparted to new cabin crew recruits.

Life Skills Beyond the Clouds

How Emirates’ training goes beyond aviation, equipping cabin crew with skills that transcend the skies, including communication, initiative, and leadership.

A Day in the Life: Challenges and Rewards

Candid insights into the daily experiences of cabin crew members, showcasing the challenges they overcome and the rewards that come with the job.

Emirates’ Iconic Brand: A Legacy to Uphold

A look at how cabin crew members become ambassadors of the airline’s iconic brand, delivering hospitality and exceptional service.

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Join the Emirates Family: Your Journey Begins

We encourage aspiring cabin crew members to take the leap and join the Emirates family, unlocking opportunities.

In conclusion, the skies beckon as Emirates opens its doors to 4,000 new cabin crew members. The journey promises a fulfilling career and a chance to be part of a global family that embraces diversity and excellence.


  1. How can I apply to become an Emirates cabin crew member?
    To apply for an Emirates cabin crew member position, visit the official Emirates careers website. You’ll find detailed information on current job openings and the application process there.
  2. What is the recruitment process like for Emirates cabin crew?
    The recruitment process typically involves submitting an online application, attending an assessment day, and participating in various interviews and evaluations. Successful candidates will then undergo comprehensive training before joining the cabin crew team.
  3. Are there specific height requirements for aspiring cabin crew members?
    Yes, Emirates has specific height requirements for cabin crew members. Applicants should be at least 160cm tall and able to reach 212cm high. Meeting these criteria is essential for ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers on board.
  4. What benefits and perks do Emirates cabin crew enjoy?
    Emirates cabin crew members enjoy a range of benefits, including competitive tax-free salaries, flying pay, eligibility for profit share, hotel stays and layover expenses, concessional travel and cargo, annual leave, annual leave ticket, furnished accommodation, transportation to and from work, and comprehensive medical, life, and dental insurance coverage. Additionally, friends and family can benefit from discounted flight tickets.
  5. Can experienced cabin crew members apply for internal vacancies within the Emirates Group?
    Yes, experienced cabin crew members at Emirates can apply for internal vacancies within the Emirates Group. This allows for career progression, offering avenues to explore different organizational roles and responsibilities.


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