India Expands Visa-Free Travel to 62 Countries, Including the UAE and Oman

In a significant development, Indian passport holders now have the privilege of visa-free travel to an impressive 62 countries. This comes as a welcoming change for Indian travelers, as the Henley Passport Index for 2024 ranks India at the 80th position, providing its citizens with newfound opportunities to explore the world without the hassle of obtaining a visa before their journey.

Visa-Free Access to 62 Countries

From Thailand’s enchanting landscapes to Iran’s vibrant culture, Indians can now travel hassle-free to a diverse array of nations. The list includes popular destinations such as Thailand, Malaysia, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Iran, Jordan, Indonesia, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Oman, Bhutan, Ethiopia, and Kazakhstan. This newfound freedom extends beyond traditional tourist hotspots, allowing Indian travelers to explore a vast range of countries across the globe.

On Arrival Visa for Indian Passport Holders

The new visa policy introduces on-arrival visa facilities for Indian passport holders, making it convenient for them to embark on spontaneous international trips. This means that individuals can now obtain their visas upon arrival at their destination, eliminating the need for prior application hassles. Notable countries implementing this policy include Thailand, Malaysia, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Iran, Jordan, Indonesia, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Oman, Bhutan, Ethiopia, and Kazakhstan.

India’s Rising Passport Ranking

India’s surge in the Henley Passport Index, securing the 80th position, signifies the nation’s growing global influence and the increasing strength of its passport. This ranking is a remarkable achievement, considering the ease with which Indian citizens can now explore the world without the constraints of visa formalities.

Leading Passport Rankings Worldwide

While India’s passport strength is rising, other nations like France, Germany, Italy, Singapore, and Spain continue leading global passport rankings. These countries boast the most potent passports globally, allowing their citizens to travel to a staggering 194 countries without a visa. The United States, holding the 8th position in the rankings, enables its citizens to visit 188 countries visa-free.


In conclusion, India’s recent expansion of visa-free travel to 62 countries, including prominent destinations like the UAE and Oman, marks a significant milestone for Indian passport holders. This progressive move not only enhances the global mobility of Indian citizens but also positions India as a key player on the world stage. As the nation continues strengthening its diplomatic ties and global standing, the future looks promising for Indian travelers seeking new horizons.


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