How to Participate in Emirates Draw? Dh200-million UAE Draw Prize

As the clock ticks towards New Year’s Eve, anticipation is building, and the Emirates Draw has added a sparkle to the festivities with a staggering Dh200-million jackpot. This news has ignited imaginations, prompting people to ponder, “Could this be the life-changing opportunity I’ve been waiting for?”

Seizing the Opportunity: How to Participate

Obtaining a ticket is the first step for those eager to participate and claim their shot at the Dh200-million bounty. The draw, which closes its doors at 8:30 pm on December 31, beckons dreamers and risk-takers alike. The path to fortune lies in understanding the dynamics of the Emirates Draw and securing your chance.

Emirates Draw official website
Emirates Draw Website

Choosing Your Draw: Fast5, Mega7, Easy6

Emirates Draw features three enticing raffle draws: Fast5, Mega7, and Easy6. However, the grand Dh200-million prize, the largest in the UAE’s history, awaits its victory in the Mega7 draw.

Cracking the Code: Mega7 Draw Mechanics

Under the Mega7 draw, participants must select seven numbers from 1 to 37. The allure begins with matching three numbers, earning a quick Dh7. Escalating the stakes, four matched numbers bring a prize of Dh50, while hitting five numbers clinches a reward of Dh1,000.

The excitement amplifies for those achieving a match of 6 out of 7 numbers as they become eligible for a share in the Dh250,000 prize pool. The zenith, however, is reserved for the fortunate souls who match all seven numbers—unlocking the monumental Dh200-million prize to be divided among them.

Joining the Pursuit: A Step-by-Step Guide

Secure a ticket by purchasing a pencil for Dh50 to embark on this thrilling journey. Each pencil corresponds to a ticket, and multiple pencils amplify your chances. Follow these steps to ensure your participation:

  1. Visit the Emirates Draw website or open the app and create an account if you’re a new user.
  2. Log in and select the number of pencils you wish to purchase.
  3. Choose seven numbers for every ticket, or use the ‘randomizer’ for a lucky selection.
  4. Confirm your chosen numbers and add the ticket to your favorites for future draws.
  5. Pick the draw-type—whether the upcoming week’s draw or up to 5 future draws.
  6. Complete the payment using debit/credit cards, Bounz points, or Emirates Draw wallet balance.
  7. Upon payment, receive an email confirmation of your entry into the draw.
New Account Emirates Draw
Emirates Draw Registration

Inclusive Participation: Who Can Join?

Borders do not limit the opportunity. Anyone aged 18 and above from any corner of the globe can purchase the Emirates Draw Mega7 ticket and vie for the Dh200-million windfall.

The Grand Revelation: Where and When Winners Emerge

The culmination of the suspense unfolds on December 31 at 9 pm during the live draw. Tune in to the Emirates Draw website, YouTube channel, Instagram, and Facebook page to witness the unveiling of the fortunate victors just before the arrival of 2024.

Calculating the Odds: A Fair Shot at the Jackpot

According to Paul Chader, the head of commercial at Emirates Draw, the Mega7 grand prize is “at least 25 times more attainable” than industry benchmarks. Even matching 3 out of 37 numbers presents a commendable chance, promising a partial return on investment.

Claiming the Dh200-million: Lump Sum or Instalments?

For the crowned winners, the choice awaits—receive the Dh200-million jackpot in a lump sum or opt for staggered installments. Previous editions saw winners adopting varied approaches, some favoring an immediate payout while others embraced monthly disbursements.

Winners of Emirates Draw
Emirates Draw Winners

Additional Rewards: Dh10,000 Prizes and Random Selections

Beyond the grand jackpot, the New Year drawers additional rewards. Fifteen participants can win Dh10,000 each, determined through random raffle IDs.

In conclusion, the Emirates Draw has set the stage for an unprecedented New Year’s celebration, offering a jackpot and a spectrum of possibilities for those daring enough to participate. As the clock ticks down, the qu



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