Salary Surge in the UAE: A 50% Increase for 2024’s Workforce

In a promising turn of events for employees in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a substantial salary hike is anticipated for 2024. As per insights from recruitment and HR experts, individuals who have significantly contributed to revenue growth or enhanced overall productivity within a business are poised to reap the benefits of this upward trend.

The Negotiation Beyond Salary

While a wage surge is on the horizon, it’s crucial to recognize that negotiations extend beyond the paycheck. Nicki Wilson, Managing Director at Genie Recruitment, emphasizes that various aspects, such as additional benefits, flexible working arrangements, bonuses, educational support, job title advancements, work incentives, allowances, or even share options, can be subject to negotiation. Wilson cautions that not all businesses may be financially robust, making it imperative that employees approach talks with a broader perspective.

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“It is worth noting that it is not just salary that can be negotiated. Other areas could include additional benefits, flexible work, bonuses, schooling, job titles, work incentives, allowances, or even share options. It depends on the company, but not all businesses will be cash-rich,” Wilson said.

Building a Compelling Case

Wilson advises employees to construct a compelling case for a salary increase, backed by evidence of their contributions directly impacting business growth or revenue. Timing, she suggests, is equally critical—avoid seeking a raise during periods of reduced activity or slowed sales. Instead, request a meeting to discuss compensation and explain why the increase is justified.

“Never speak to your colleagues about salary or raises or complain about how low you are paid; this will usually get back to management and be counterproductive,” Wilson cautioned.

Elevating Roles for Recognition

Deepa Sud, CEO at Plum Jobs, underscores the significance of taking on additional responsibilities to elevate one’s role and demonstrate readiness for a promotion or salary increase. Productivity alone, she emphasizes, is not sufficient—authenticity, teamwork, and collaboration are equally vital.

To prepare for a potential hike, Wilson suggests employees evaluate areas for improvement, benchmark against their high-performing peers, and establish goals for the coming year. Self-learning through courses and skill enhancement should be actively pursued, with direct communication with managers to seek feedback and areas of improvement.

“Create some goals for 2024, write them down, do some research courses and self-learning to improve skills, speak directly with managers to see what they have noticed about your performance and if there’s anything they believe you could improve,” Wilson said.

Deepa adds that acquiring relevant qualifications and training is critical to adding value to one’s role or team. Simply obtaining a certification is insufficient; employees must showcase the practical application of their learning in their current positions.

Waleed Anwar advocates acquiring professional qualifications or new skills as a pathway to self-reinvention. Making oneself more visible, whether through a change in appearance or clothing, is essential for gaining recognition, especially with exceptional performance.

“Be seen, change your image, get new work clothes, or change your haircut; you want to get noticed more, and particularly if you are also performing well, you will be seen!” he added.


In conclusion, employees are encouraged to approach negotiations holistically as the UAE gears up for a significant salary surge in 2024. Beyond the monetary aspect, additional benefits, skill enhancement, and role elevation are crucial in securing a favorable outcome. Employees should meticulously prepare their cases, showcasing contributions and seeking feedback for continuous improvement. With the right approach, 2024 could mark a salary increase and a recognition of individual contributions in the professional landscape.


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