Umrah and Ramadan 2024: Job Opportunities in Saudi Arabia: 8,800 Openings for Drivers and Tech Professionals

Saudi Arabia is set to witness a surge in job opportunities, particularly for seasonal roles aimed at facilitating the travel of Umrah pilgrims during the Ramadan season. The Saudi Arabian Recruitment Department is actively recruiting more than 8,800 drivers and technical experts to support the transportation needs of pilgrims and enhance technological capabilities in the transportation sector.

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Abdul Al-Mehmadi, Director of the Corporate Affairs Department at the General Automotive Syndicate in Mecca, confirmed that the recruitment process for these positions will commence next week. The focus will be hiring bus drivers with technical skills for efficient transportation, ensuring a smooth experience for Umrah pilgrims during the holy month of Ramadan.

This year, the recruitment drive extends beyond the Umrah season as preparations are underway for the upcoming Hajj season. Approximately 28,000 individuals will be recruited to support pilgrims’ safe and secure travel. The selection process will involve stringent checks and adherence to established standards to ensure the highest quality of service.

To cater to the increased demand for transportation during the Umrah season, the recruitment agency will also hire seasonal workers. The recruitment process for seasonal workers in the Hajj season will commence in the coming weeks, with an estimated requirement of 28,000 individuals.

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In addition to drivers, there is a need for skilled labor in various capacities to handle the influx of pilgrims and ensure their safe journey. The selection criteria and standards have been clearly defined to ensure that only qualified individuals are chosen for these crucial roles.

The recruitment drive is not limited to domestic candidates; it extends to international labor markets. Abdul Al-Mehmadi emphasized the importance of adhering to international labor selection and testing committees’ standards in recruitment. The goal is to bring in skilled professionals and ensure a coordinated electronic infrastructure for transportation and logistics during the pilgrimage seasons.

As the demand for travel increases, especially during Ramadan, transportation companies and hotels are expected to collaborate closely to manage ticket prices and establish agreements. This collaborative effort aims to create an attractive and controlled market for transportation services.

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To meet travelers’ safety and health requirements, rigorous medical examinations will be conducted as part of the recruitment process. This includes thorough medical check-ups to ensure that the recruited individuals are fit for their responsibilities in ensuring the well-being of pilgrims during their journeys.

This recruitment drive signifies a significant opportunity for job seekers in Saudi Arabia, focusing on enhancing the pilgrimage experience for Umrah and Hajj travelers through efficient and secure transportation services.


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