India and UAE Collaborate to Facilitate Visas for 33 Countries, Including Iran

In a significant diplomatic move, India and the UAE have joined forces to streamline the visa process for citizens from 33 countries, encompassing Indian and UAE nationals. The collaborative effort aims to strengthen the ties between the two nations and ease travel for residents of these 33 countries. Notably, this initiative includes facilitating visas for those planning to visit Iran.

The bilateral agreement, a testament to the robust relationship between India and the UAE, extends visa benefits to citizens of 33 countries connected to both nations. The governments of India and the UAE have worked together to grant a simplified visa process for residents of Saudi Arabia, Russia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, and other countries. This diplomatic move aligns with the shared vision of fostering international cooperation and connectivity.

The new visa regulations, in adherence to Iranian government policies, allow citizens of the 33 countries above to travel to Iran without needing pre-approval or additional documentation. This initiative is expected to enhance tourism and strengthen cultural exchanges between Iran and the collaborating nations.

Visa Facilitation and Its Impact

With this collaboration, Indian and UAE citizens and individuals from the 33 countries involved can now obtain visas more efficiently when planning trips to Iran. The simplified process is anticipated to boost tourism and promote people-to-people connections, fostering a deeper understanding of cultures and traditions.

India and the UAE have historically shared strong economic and cultural ties, and this joint effort to facilitate visas for diverse countries further cements their relationship. The move is a strategic step to enhance diplomatic relations and promote unity among the participating nations.

Insights from the Iranian Tourism Minister

Iran’s Minister of Tourism, Mr. Issatullah Darghami, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasizing the positive impact on the tourism sector. He stated that the initiative aligns with Iran’s commitment to welcoming visitors and promoting its rich cultural heritage.

Mr. Darghami highlighted that this move is particularly timely as Iran prepares to welcome pilgrims and tourists for the upcoming pilgrimage season. Pilgrims heading to Mecca and Medina will now find it more convenient to include stops in the cities of Mashhad and Medina in their itineraries.

Journey of Pilgrims to Holy Sites

In a parallel development, the Umrah pilgrimage season will begin in eight weeks and witness pilgrims from Iran arriving in Mecca and Medina. This pilgrimage is of immense significance to Muslims, and the collaboration between India, the UAE, and Iran is expected to facilitate the pilgrimage process for those embarking on this sacred journey.


The collaboration between India, the UAE, and Iran to streamline visa processes for citizens of 33 countries reflects a commitment to fostering international relations and promoting cultural exchange. The simplified visa procedures are expected to enhance tourism, benefiting pilgrims and travelers heading to Iran for spiritual and cultural experiences.

As nations come together to ease travel restrictions, the global community is closer to building bridges and fostering mutual understanding. This collaborative effort is a testament to the power of diplomacy and cooperation in creating a more interconnected world.


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