Unearthing Gold Reserves in Mecca: Saudi Arabia’s Strategic Move

In a groundbreaking discovery, gold reserves spanning 100 kilometers in the region of Mansoura-Masrah Khani have been identified, consolidating Saudi Arabia’s position in global gold deposits. This significant find, confirmed by Al-Khumra Governorate in Mecca, has firmly placed the region on the gold reserve map.

The Gold Rush Unveiled

Saudi Arabian mining company Ma’adin revealed that extensive exploration conducted in 2022 marked the initial identification of gold in the region. Following a comprehensive survey, the company’s leadership confirmed the presence of gold in Mecca for the first time during the extensive research conducted in the area. The company is now geared towards further exploration to realize the full potential of this gold reserve.

Prospects and Production

The potential for mining in various locations has heightened the possibilities for substantial gold deposits, as affirmed by Ma’adin. The company’s leadership, foreseeing significant production opportunities, announced plans to fully intensify operations to tap into the gold reservoir by 2024. The focus is on making Mansoura-Masrah Khani a central hub for gold mining on a global scale.

Geological Significance

Geological studies conducted during drilling activities across the 100-kilometer stretch in the Mansoura-Masrah region have indicated comparable natural conditions to the famous Jabal Al-Ghadar and Bir Al-Tawil. The region boasts a total length of 125 kilometers, with an estimated 125 kilometers of gold deposits, positioning it as a significant player in the gold mining arena.

Implications for the Economy

With approximately 125 kilometers of gold-rich land, the Mansoura-Masrah region is poised to contribute substantially to global gold production. The yearly estimated output of 250,000 ounces, valued at a staggering 10.4 grams per ton in one location and 20.6 grams per ton in another, underscores the economic impact of this newfound gold reserve.

The Vision Forward

Ma’adin’s CEO, Robert Willett, emphasized the strategic importance of Mansoura-Masrah Khani in global gold production. The company envisions a pivotal role in the region, predicting it will become a key player in the gold mining industry. As exploration and production continue, the economic landscape of Saudi Arabia is set to transform.


Saudi Arabia’s revelation of substantial gold reserves in Mecca marks a historic moment in the global mining industry. The Mansoura-Masrah Khani region’s potential to contribute significantly to the world’s gold production underscores Saudi Arabia’s strategic vision. As Ma’adin continues its exploration and production endeavors, the world watches keenly, anticipating the economic implications of this newfound gold treasure.


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