Al Mustaqbal Street Closure for New Year’s Celebrations

In a recent update from the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), commuters and residents in Dubai are advised of a temporary road closure in preparation for the New Year’s Eve celebrations. The RTA took to Twitter to announce the closure of Al Mustaqbal Street between First Business Bay Street and Trade Centre Street.

The official tweet from RTA reads, “#RoadUpdate: Closure of Al Mustaqbal St. between the intersection of First Business Bay St. & Trade Centre St. Please use the alternative roads: Al Khail Rd. and Al Wasl St. #MyDubaiNewYear.”

This closure is part of the city’s preparations to ensure the safety and smooth traffic flow during the highly anticipated New Year’s festivities. Al Mustaqbal Street, a key route in the heart of Dubai, will be closed to facilitate organizing events and festivals.

The RTA has suggested alternative routes for commuters during the closure period to minimize disruptions. Drivers are encouraged to use Al Khail Road and Al Wasl Street as viable alternatives to reach their destinations.

As Dubai residents and visitors gear up to welcome the New Year, the RTA emphasizes the importance of following the designated alternative routes and adhering to traffic regulations. Increased traffic is expected in various parts of the city due to the celebrations, and the RTA’s proactive measures aim to enhance overall traffic management.

The closure is expected during the New Year’s Eve celebrations, with regular traffic resuming once the festivities conclude. The RTA urges the public to stay updated on further announcements and to plan their journeys accordingly.

As Dubai continues to uphold its reputation for hosting grand celebrations, the RTA’s timely communication reminds everyone to be mindful of the temporary changes to road access. The city eagerly awaits the arrival of the New Year, and with the RTA’s guidance, residents can navigate the roads safely to enjoy the festivities.

For real-time updates and additional information, commuters are encouraged to follow the official RTA Twitter account (@RTA_Dubai) for the latest announcements and traffic advisories.


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