Visit Visa Renew: UAE Travel Agencies Provide Booking Guidance for Oman-bound Buses

For UAE travelers looking to change their visit visa status by taking a bus journey to Oman, the current situation is filled with opportunities and a surge in demand for travel agencies. Travel agents are experiencing a significant rise in demand for bus bookings as visitors to Oman seek to change their visa status, creating a bustling scenario for those planning to visit.

The buses heading to Oman reportedly operate at maximum capacity, prompting UAE visitors to plan and book in advance. According to reports, travel agencies are witnessing a rapid increase in bookings for bus services to Oman, and the process is swiftly turning around.

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The buses traveling to Oman are said to be conducting services at maximum capacity, and UAE visitors are advised to plan their trips well in advance. Seasoned travelers recommend initiating the visa change process at least ten days prior or even earlier if applying for a package.

“Bus services are operating at full capacity in the final leg of the journey to Oman. Travelers are urged to plan and reserve their packages in advance. The number of people opting to change their visit visas by taking buses to Oman has increased significantly. We receive over 100 inquiries daily,” stated Firoz Maliyakkal, founder of Taher Tours and Travels and CEO of CIO.

According to travel agents, numerous private agencies have started bus services to meet the growing demand. Currently, eight private buses operate from Sunday to Wednesday, each with a seating capacity exceeding 300. Booking slots for the next ten days are filling up rapidly.

The surge in demand aligns with an overall increase in travel-related expenses connected to a rise in airfare costs. Consequently, travelers are inclined to explore options that offer cost savings. The trend of bus travel to Oman for visa change is gaining popularity due to its cost-effectiveness.

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Shihab Parvad, Director of Rihana Al Jazeera Tourism Management, explained, “The rise in demand is concurrent with the overall increase in airfare costs. Hence, travelers are motivated to explore cost-effective alternatives. The bus travel option to Oman, included in travel packages, has seen significant growth, contributing to the overall increase in demand.”

As for the cost of bus packages to Oman, it ranges from AED 1,000 to AED 1,100. The package includes a two-month UAE visit visa, a two-month Oman visit visa, exit fees, and one night’s stay in Oman. With travelers finding this option appealing, the demand for visa change through this method is expected to continue rising.

Airports to Airports Service is the preferred option for travelers choosing air travel. However, the cost of this service has seen an increase of approximately 20%. Shihab Parvad added, “Visitors can extend their stay in Oman by a day, and after obtaining the visa, they can travel back to the UAE directly from the airport.”

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Private buses departing from Fish Roundabout in Deira leave at 10 AM and reach the UAE-Oman border by 1 PM. After crossing the border, the visa issuance process begins, which usually takes around 10 AM in normal circumstances. Following visa approval, travelers can commence their return journey on the same day or the next day, with the option to extend their stay in Oman.

In conclusion, the recent visa rule change has triggered a notable increase in demand for bus travel services from the UAE to Oman, prompting travel agencies to provide comprehensive booking solutions to cater to the surge in interest.


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