Airport to Airport Visa Change: UAE Raises Fees for Airports Transiting Visa

In a recent development, the UAE has increased the fees for airport-to-airway visa changes, impacting travelers seeking to change their visa status from one airport to another. The adjustment comes as part of the efforts to enhance the services provided under the Airport to Airport status change service, catering to the demands of visitors looking to extend their stay in the country.

Increased Demand Spurs Fee Hike

Travel industry experts note a surge in demand for the Airport to Airport visa change service, with visitors eager to extend their stay in the UAE benefiting from its flexibility. The service allows travelers to switch their visa status from one airport to another, providing a convenient option for those wishing to stay longer.

To meet the growing demand, the visa change fees have been increased by up to 20%, as confirmed by professionals in the travel business. This adjustment aims to balance the increasing demand for the service and ensure a sustainable and efficient process for all parties involved.

Fee Information Table

ServicePrevious Fee (AED)Updated Fee (AED)
Airline Status Change125150
Tourist Visa (60 days)1,3001,500

Airline Status Changes and Rising Prices

Airline status changes a vital component of the airport-to-airway visa change process, have also increased significantly. The one-time fee for altering the airline status has been raised by 125 dirhams, reflecting the heightened demand for this specific service. Travel industry experts suggest that this surge in demand is attributable to travelers’ desire to explore the country for an extended period.

Tourist Visa Adjustments

Tourism companies report that, as of 2023, the validity period for tourist visas has been reduced to 90 days. This decision aims to streamline the visa process, ensuring travelers can plan their stay accordingly. The 60-day visa requirement for tourists has also been revised, and it is now priced at 1,500 dirhams, up from the previous 1,300 dirhams. Travelers are advised to consider these changes when booking their packages, as prices may fluctuate based on the time of booking.

Meeting the Demand for Extended Stays

With stable and pleasant weather conditions, more tourists opt for extended stays in the UAE. This has increased demand for visas that allow longer durations as families and relatives seek to reunite after a prolonged separation. The Airport to Airport visa change service is witnessing a boost in popularity due to its flexibility, catering to those who wish to prolong their stay without requiring extensive documentation.

Understanding Airport-to-Airport Visa Change

Airport to Airport visa change, also known as the tourist visa extension, facilitates visitors in transitioning from their current airport of entry to another within the UAE. This service is beneficial for tourists looking to extend their stay seamlessly. The process involves a straightforward application with a standard processing time of four working days. Travelers can spend one day or stay overnight in a neighboring country before re-entering the UAE.

In conclusion, the recent adjustments in fees for Airport to Airport visa changes in the UAE aim to accommodate the increasing demand for extended stays. As the travel industry adapts to these changes, visitors are encouraged to stay informed about the evolving visa regulations to plan their trips effectively.


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