Action Taken Against Air India Pilot for Kerala to UAE Flight; Unraveling the Incident

In a recent development, Air India has taken disciplinary action against a pilot who operated a flight from Kerala to the UAE. The decision stems from the pilot’s handling of a hard landing in Dubai after the aircraft departed from Kochi on December 20. Despite the landing not being smooth, the plane landed safely, ensuring the passengers’ security.

The pilot, employed by Air India, underwent extensive investigations for over a week in Dubai before being granted permission to return to India. The A320 aircraft, identified as a relatively new addition to the fleet, faced scrutiny regarding the circumstances surrounding the hard landing, with concerns about potential damage to the landing gear.

After spending more than a week in Dubai for investigations, the pilot has been allowed to return to India. It is worth noting that the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) will conduct a thorough examination following aviation regulations. Until the investigation is complete, the pilot has been restricted from operating flights, as communicated by an Air India spokesperson.

Background of the Incident

The incident unfolded when the A320 aircraft, with passengers on board, executed a hard landing in Dubai. Despite concerns about the landing not being entirely smooth, the aircraft successfully touched down, averting a potentially hazardous situation. The incident prompted Air India to investigate the circumstances surrounding the hard landing.

Repercussions and Safety Measures

Following the incident, the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) initiated an investigation, adhering to civil aviation regulations. During this period, the pilot was prohibited from conducting any flights. Air India, in adherence to safety protocols, grounded the pilot until the completion of the inquiry.

Air India, being committed to passenger safety, emphasized that the hard landing did not compromise the security of the flight. However, the airline is keen on thorough scrutiny to ensure that all safety measures were followed during the incident. The decision to ground the pilot during the investigation aligns with standard operating procedures to maintain safety standards in the aviation industry.


In conclusion, the disciplinary action taken by Air India against the pilot who conducted the Kerala to UAE flight signifies the airline’s commitment to safety and adherence to aviation regulations. While the hard landing did not threaten passengers, the airline has prioritized a thorough investigation to uphold safety standards. The DGCA’s ongoing examination further ensures compliance with civil aviation rules, emphasizing the significance of maintaining safety in air travel.


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