Pre-Approved Visa to UAE: Convenient Travel for Indian Passport Holders

In a significant development for Indian travelers, Emirates Airlines now offers a ‘Pre-Approved’ on-arrival visa service for those flying to Dubai. The pre-approved visa service is available exclusively to Indian passport holders.

The initiative aims to streamline travel procedures and enhance the overall experience for Emirates passengers.

Seamless Travel Experience

Emirates Airlines, a prominent player in the aviation industry, introduces this novel approach to simplify the visa application process. Indian passport holders can now enjoy the convenience of obtaining a pre-approved visa for their journey to Dubai. The process is straightforward, and travelers flying with Emirates can secure a 14-day Single Entry Visa upon arrival in Dubai. The pre-approval ensures a hassle-free experience, eliminating waiting for visa approval upon reaching the destination.

The visa is granted immediately for those who receive immediate pre-approval, enabling a seamless transition upon arrival in Dubai. This initiative mainly benefits Indian travelers, offering them a more efficient and user-friendly approach to travel arrangements.

Exclusivity of the Service

It’s crucial to note that this service is exclusively available for Indian passport holders traveling with Emirates Airlines. While it is a welcome development, it is limited to individuals holding regular Indian passports and not applicable to those possessing U.S. visas, U.S. green cards, E.U. residence, or U.K. residence permits. The service is extended to Indian nationals seeking a short-term visit to Dubai for various purposes.

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Important Considerations

Despite the convenience of the pre-approved visa, there are specific considerations for Indian travelers. The validity of the pre-approved visa is limited to 14 days, emphasizing the temporary nature of short-term visits. Additionally, this service does not cover individuals with U.S. visas, U.S. green cards, E.U. residence, or U.K. residence permits. These categories of Indian passport holders must adhere to the standard visa application procedures.

Application Process

The application process for the pre-approved visa is facilitated by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai. Emirates Airlines has collaborated with GDRFA to ensure a smooth and efficient visa application process. Travelers can apply for a pre-approved visa through the official Emirates website. After completing the booking process, applicants can click here for detailed instructions on applying for the UAE visa.


In conclusion, the introduction of the pre-approved visa by Emirates Airlines marks a positive step towards enhancing the travel experience for Indian passport holders. The streamlined application process and immediate pre-approval provide a more efficient and convenient journey. However, travelers need to know this service’s specific eligibility criteria and restrictions. As Indian travelers continue to explore opportunities in Dubai, initiatives like these are instrumental in facilitating smooth and hassle-free travel.


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