Dubai Public Parks Shift from Nol Card to Modern Ticketing System

In a surprising turn of events, several public parks across Dubai have ceased accepting Nol cards, ushering in a new era of ticketing. Khaleej Times has independently confirmed this change after numerous reports from residents across different localities in Dubai.

A Dubai Municipality customer service agent revealed that the Nol card payment system had been phased out in most parks this week. This significant transition follows a strategic partnership between Du and Dubai Municipality in October of the previous year. The collaboration’s primary objectives include introducing innovative solutions for ticketless entry, seamless identity management, enhancing worker satisfaction, improving tech skills, and promoting sustainability in public parks.

Du’s CEO, Fahad Al Hassawi, articulated the vision behind the partnership, stating, “Through our collaboration, we aim to eliminate the need for physical tickets and create a cutting-edge identity management system that will redefine the way people access and enjoy public parks.”

Despite the widespread change, an exception to the new system exists. Dubai’s Quranic Park continues to operate under the Nol card system, providing park-goers with a familiar payment method.

Residents expressed surprise and inconvenience at the sudden shift. Tasmiyah A., a Deira resident, narrated her experience at Mamzar Beach Park, saying, “Last week, when I visited, I was surprised that they removed the NOL card system! Instead, we had to buy tickets with a barcode on them that was scanned when entering.”

Furthermore, she observed that Nol card top-up and balance-checking machines, adorned with banners indicating the change, were out of service.

Similarly, Premalatha Shriram, a resident of Karama, shared her experience at Zabeel Park. She and her daughter, Akshara Shriram, accustomed to using Nol cards, had to purchase tickets with cash due to the new system. The shift made Akshara realize that the tickets cost Dh5, a detail easily overlooked with the convenience of Nol cards.

A representative from Zabeel Park confirmed that the change had been in effect since October of the previous year.

The New Ticketing Process

Park enthusiasts can now purchase tickets using cash or credit cards scanned at the entrance machines, replacing the previous Nol card machines. Some parks, like Safa Park, are even introducing an intelligent payment option through mobile phones, accepting payments through Samsung Pay, Google Pay, or Apple Pay, enabling visitors to enter the park without physical tickets.

It’s worth noting that this innovative system is still being rolled out, with not all parks having implemented it yet. Despite the change in transaction methods, the ticket prices remain consistent across all parks.

In a nod to technological advancements, Dubai Municipality’s previous requirement for park-goers to own a Nol card for entry is now obsolete. In 2017, those without a Nol card had to purchase a green one for Dh25 from the park, and special gates were installed to scan Nol cards.

This transformation marks the end of an era for many residents accustomed to keeping their Nol cards ready for a seamless visit to their favorite parks.


Dubai’s public parks have undergone a transformative shift in ticketing systems, moving away from the familiar Nol card payment method to embrace innovative solutions for ticketless entry. While this change may initially surprise and inconvenience park-goers, the long-term benefits of improved identity management, sustainability, and worker satisfaction are expected to redefine the park experience. As Dubai continues to pioneer advancements, the introduction of intelligent payment options and a phased rollout of the new system demonstrate the city’s commitment to embracing cutting-edge technology for the benefit of its residents.


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