United Arab Emirates: Food Bill Reaches Dh75,000; Single Order Hits Dh7,500 β€” Key 2023 App Purchases Unveiled

In a world increasingly reliant on digital convenience, the trends of 2023 showcase the diverse preferences and behaviors of consumers in the UAE. Careem, the multi-service app, recently unveiled intriguing insights into its user base, shedding light on the most notable purchases and activities throughout the year.

Digital Convenience Trump Queues

Remember the days of enduring long queues outside Apple stores for the latest iPhone? One savvy resident sidestepped the hassle by placing a single order on the Careem app, receiving the iPhone 15 and an Apple Watch Ultra 2 within minutes. This swift and efficient $2,042 (Dh7,500) transaction marked the most significant single purchase on the Quik Groceries section of the app in 2023.

Culinary Extravagance: A $20,420 Feast

DineOut, another facet of the Careem app, witnessed a spectacular culinary indulgence in 2023. A staggering $20,420 (Dh75,000) was spent at an Indian vegetarian restaurant, making it the most significant expenditure on the platform. The customer’s purchase included gift boxes for Diwali, the festival of lights, reflecting generosity and celebration.

Quick Insights: From 1-Minute Deliveries to Olympic-sized Orders

Quik, the rapid delivery service on the Careem app, revealed noteworthy statistics from 2023. A single customer placed a staggering 473 orders throughout the year, with the fastest delivery clocking in at an astonishing one minute. The peak ordering hours were observed between 7 and 9 pm, with water and bananas leading the popularity charts. Careem humorously noted that the weight of bananas ordered in 2023 was equivalent to over 1,000 gorillas, and customers ordered enough drinking water to fill an Olympic swimming pool.

Health Consciousness on the Rise

The app reported an impressive 80% increase in healthy food orders across the UAE, signaling a growing trend towards wellness and conscious eating among users.

Careem Pay’s Cross-Border Transactions

Careem Pay’s international remittance service facilitated numerous transactions to India and Pakistan throughout the year. The last Thursday of the month emerged as the most popular day for such transfers. One customer stood out by sending $76,389 to Pakistan, accomplishing the fastest remittance transfer in just 16 seconds for a transaction from the UAE to India.

Rides and Remembrances: Unusual Items Left Behind

In the realm of rides, the most traveled route was between Dubai and Sharjah. Interestingly, forgetfulness was daily among Dubai, Riyadh, and Amman riders, with various peculiar items left behind. For the second consecutive year, a bridal dress claimed the title of the strangest item, joining the ranks of forgotten pillows, rings, and even a hair wig.

The Bike Brigade: Trips, Tracks, and Adventures

Among the pedal-powered community, a standout rider completed a staggering 4,357 trips, primarily for delivering orders from a restaurant in JLT. The second most active rider logged 2,288 visits, mainly for daily commuting. Notably, the longest bike ride in 2023 lasted 5 hours and 38 minutes as an adventurous soul explored the Al Qudra bike track.


Careem’s insights into the user trends 2023 reveal a dynamic landscape of digital interactions, from swift and sizable transactions to culinary extravagance and health-conscious choices. The app’s diverse services cater to a broad spectrum of user preferences, reflecting the evolving needs and behaviors of the UAE’s tech-savvy populace.


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