Contrack Expands HR Team with New HR Officer Role on Reem Island, Abu Dhabi

In a strategic move to bolster its Human Resources team, Contrack, a prominent player in the industry, has announced a new job position for an HR Officer at its Reem Island location in Abu Dhabi. The company aims to enhance its HR capabilities and streamline employee lifecycle processes.

Responsibilities Redefined

The HR Officer at Contrack will be entrusted with diverse responsibilities covering the entire HR employee lifecycle. This includes overseeing crucial aspects such as onboarding, issuing offer letters, leaving management, and managing the exit interview process. The role extends to handling corporate communications and addressing employee relations issues within the business.

A key focus of the HR Officer will be to conduct regular HR audits, ensuring strict compliance with HR policies, processes, and labor laws. This proactive approach aligns with Contrack’s commitment to maintaining the highest operational and legal compliance standards. Additionally, the officer will play a pivotal role in generating HR analytics reports, contributing to informed decision-making within the organization.

Employee Well-being at the Core

Recognizing the significance of employee well-being, the HR Officer will also manage medical insurance for all staff and workers. This step reflects Contrack’s commitment to providing comprehensive benefits and ensuring the health and welfare of its workforce.

Qualifications and Requirements

To qualify for this role, candidates must have a graduate degree in a related discipline and a substantial 4-6 years of experience in the UAE. Excellent communication skills are deemed essential, along with proficiency in computer skills, particularly in Excel and report preparation.

“We believe in fostering a work environment that encourages growth and excellence. The new HR Officer role is instrumental in shaping our employee management processes, and we are excited about the positive impact it will bring to our organization,” says [Spokesperson’s Name], [Designation] at Contrack.

Prospective candidates can submit their applications via email to [email protected].


Contrack’s expansion of its HR team through the introduction of the HR Officer role showcases its dedication to optimizing human resource processes and ensuring a positive employee experience. By combining a comprehensive range of responsibilities with a focus on compliance and employee well-being, Contrack aims to set new standards in HR management.

As the company continues to evolve, the HR Officer position is expected to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Contrack’s workforce dynamics. This strategic move aligns with the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation.


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