Emiratisation Extended to Private Companies with 20-49 Employees in the UAE

To bolster Emiratisation, private companies in the UAE with a workforce ranging from 20 to 49 employees are now required to comply with the Emiratisation laws. This initiative, spearheaded by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, aims to enhance the employment prospects of UAE nationals in the private sector by ensuring companies embrace digital platforms for recruitment.

Digital Transformation for Enhanced Emiratisation

The Ministry, in its recent announcement, highlighted the imperative for companies operating in 14 specific economic sectors, including Information and communications, Finance and insurance, Real Estate, Professional and technical Activities, Administrative and Support Services, Education, Healthcare, Social Work, Arts & Entertainment, Mining, Transformative Industries, Construction, Hospitality & Retail, and Transportation & Warehousing.

This directive is part of a larger strategy to contribute to the rapid growth observed in these sectors, fostering a dynamic job market and providing sustainable employment opportunities. The 14 sectors cover a broad spectrum, from technology-driven fields to traditional industries, ensuring a diverse range of Emirati talents can find suitable employment.

Impact on Employment and Compensation

Approximately 12,000 companies, each employing 20 to 49 individuals, will be subject to this Emiratisation mandate in 2024 and 2025. Employers failing to comply with these regulations will face penalties of AED 96,000 per non-compliant UAE national employee starting January 2025. If continued non-compliance continues through 2026, the penalty will increase to AED 108,000 per employee.

Furthermore, companies collaborating with the Ministry will be permitted to offset these penalties by contributing towards developing Emirati talents. This collaborative approach ensures companies actively participate in the national agenda of developing a skilled local workforce.

Vision 2025: A Paradigm Shift in Employment Landscape

To integrate 96,000 UAE nationals into the workforce, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation envisions a transformative impact on the job market. This initiative, commencing in January 2025, emphasizes the government’s commitment to Emiratisation, ensuring that the private sector actively contributes to national employment goals.

As part of this vision, companies are encouraged to provide internships and training opportunities, fostering a conducive environment for the professional development of Emirati talents. The Ministry, in collaboration with these companies, aims to make significant strides in achieving Emiratisation targets while addressing the evolving needs of the job market.


In conclusion, extending Emiratisation requirements to private companies with 20-49 employees in the UAE marks a significant step towards ensuring that the nation’s economic growth benefits are inclusive. This proactive approach aligns with the national vision and sets the stage for a robust and diverse job market that fosters the development of local talent. As the UAE continues positioning itself as a global economic player, the emphasis on Emiratisation in the private sector reinforces the commitment to sustainable development and a skilled, thriving workforce.


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