14 Types of UAE Visas and Comparison: Complete Details With Pricing in 2024

In the bustling landscape of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the array of visa types can be intriguing and bewildering for visitors and potential residents. Understanding the nuances of each visa category is essential for making informed decisions about your stay in this dynamic and thriving region. Let’s delve into the intricacies of the 14 types of UAE visas and unravel their details.

NoVisa TypeDurationBenefitsPrice in AED
1Tourist Visa30 or 60 days (extendable for 30 days)– Temporary stay for tourism purposes.
– Can be extended for an additional 30 days.
2Visit VisaUp to 60 days– Single or multiple entries.
– Suitable for visiting friends and family, business meetings, or exploring the country.
– Flexibility in duration.
3Transit Visa48 hours (free) or 96 hours– Facilitates short layovers in the UAE.
– Two options: 48-hour free transit visa or 96-hour transit visa for longer stays.
– Ideal for connecting flights through the UAE.
4Freelance Visa2 years– Allowed to work in any companies with NOC.
– All benefits of employment visa.
5Employment Visa2 years– Legal authorization to work in the UAE.
– Available for both government and private sector employees.
– Long-term work commitment.
6Residence Visa2 or 3 years– Legal permission to live and work in the UAE.
– Issued after entering on an entry or tourist visa.
– Sponsorship required.
– Duration depends on the sponsor and circumstances.
7Investor Visa3 years– Extended residency for investors.
– Ability to sponsor immediate family members.
– Easier travel to GCC countries.
– Potential eligibility for UAE Golden Visa.
8Student Visa1 year– Allows students to pursue education in the UAE.
– Renewable upon proof of ongoing studies.
– Permits part-time jobs for students.
9Medical Treatment VisaUp to 90 days– For individuals seeking medical treatment in the UAE.
– 60-day entry window after visa issuance.
– 90-day maximum stay.
– Applicable for medical tourists.
10Mission VisaTemporary, project-specific– Issued for experts working on short-term projects in collaboration with local organizations.
– Work permit for specific assignments.
11GCC Resident VisaVaries– For residents of GCC countries visiting Dubai.
– Pre-application required before travel.
– Enhances travel convenience for GCC residents.
12Green Visa5 years– Issued for skilled employees.
– Allows extended stay and work authorization for 5 years.
13Golden Visa10 years– Extended residency for 10 years.
– Aims to attract investors, entrepreneurs, and skilled professionals.
– Enhances UAE’s competitiveness in the global market.
14Dependent Visa2 years– Sponsored visa for family members (Wife/Husband, Child, Father/Mother).2800
Note: This Price, Benefits, and Duration Vary on New Rules and Regulations.

1. Tourist Visa: Unlocking the Gateway to Exploration

Embarking on a journey to the UAE for leisure is made possible through the Tourist Visa, typically valid for 30 or 60 days. An additional 30 days can be secured through the extension process for those yearning for a more extended stay. This visa opens the door to the UAE’s myriad wonders, offering travelers an immersive experience. Read Is there a 3-month tourist visa available?

2. Visit Visa: Tailoring Your Stay

Visit Visas cater to diverse needs, offering single-entry or multiple-entry stay options. Ranging in validity up to 60 days, this flexible visa category ensures that visitors can tailor their stay according to their individual preferences and requirements. Read more in Dubai Visit Visa: Rules, Essential Documents, and Cost-Saving Tips.

3. Transit Visa: Brief Encounters with the UAE

For those merely passing through, the UAE provides two types of transit visas. The 48-hour option is a complimentary pass, while the 96-hour option allows for a slightly extended stay. These transit visas serve as a bridge, allowing travelers to experience a glimpse of the UAE’s vibrant offerings.

4. Freelance Visa: Empowering Independent Professionals

Introduced for freelancers, the Freelance Visa provides a two-year window to work with any company holding a No Objection Certificate (NOC). This initiative aims to foster a vibrant freelance community within the UAE, attracting individuals with diverse skills and expertise. Also, read UAE’s New Freelance Visa.

5. Employment Visa: Building Professional Foundations

The Employment Visa is a cornerstone for those seeking opportunities in both the government and private sectors. With an average validity of around two years, this visa facilitates the establishment of a professional foundation in the UAE.

6. Residence Visa: Embracing a Home Away From Home

Offering the prospect of a prolonged stay, the Residence Visa is bestowed upon individuals who have previously entered the UAE on an entry or Tourist Visa. With the ability to live and work legally in the UAE for two or three years, this visa transforms a temporary visit into a more permanent arrangement.

7. Investor Visa: Nurturing Investments and Residency

The Investor Visa, with a three-year validity, goes beyond mere residency. Investors enjoy perks such as the ability to sponsor immediate family members, simplified travel to GCC countries, and the coveted possibility of obtaining a UAE Golden Visa.

8. Student Visa: Bridging Education and Exploration

Tailored for academic pursuits, the Student Visa spans a one-year duration, renewable upon providing proof of ongoing studies. Students are also allowed part-time employment, enhancing their educational journey with practical experiences.

9. Medical Treatment Visa: Navigating Health and Healing

The Medical Treatment Visa, or UAE Patient Entry Permit, allows a 90-day stay for medical purposes. This visa underscores the UAE’s commitment to healthcare excellence, offering individuals the opportunity for specialized treatment within its borders.

10. Mission Visa: Facilitating Expertise for Temporary Projects

The Mission Visa is a work permit for experts engaged in short-term projects with local organizations. Tailored for specific undertakings, and this visa ensures the seamless collaboration of global talent with UAE enterprises.

11. GCC Resident Visa: Bridging Gulf Cooperation

For residents of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countriesβ€”Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Kuwaitβ€”a GCC Resident Visa is a prerequisite for visiting Dubai. This online application ensures a smooth entry process for individuals holding residency in these neighboring nations.

12. Green Visa: Sowing the Seeds of Professional Growth

Issued for a remarkable five years, the Green Visa is a testament to the UAE’s commitment to attracting skilled employees. This extended duration empowers professionals to contribute significantly to the nation’s growth and development.

13. Golden Visa: A Decade of Residency and Opportunity

The Golden Visa, a pinnacle in UAE residency offerings, extends a 10-year residency period. Crafted to enhance the nation’s global competitiveness, this visa attracts individuals eager to contribute to the flourishing business landscape of the UAE.

14. Dependence Visa: Nurturing Family Ties

The Dependence Visa offers family visas for spouses and children, providing a two-year duration for familial bonds to flourish in the UAE. This visa category reinforces the UAE’s importance of family unity and well-being.

In conclusion, the diverse tapestry of UAE visas reflects a commitment to inclusivity, welcoming individuals for various purposes. Whether for leisure, education, professional pursuits, or fostering family ties, the UAE’s visa landscape is designed to accommodate and empower. As you embark on your journey to the UAE, consider each visa type’s unique opportunities, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience.



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