Is there a 3-month visit visa available for the UAE? No, Then?

In a recent development, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has decided to discontinue the issuance of three-month visit visas, according to information obtained by News Gulf. This change has significant implications for travelers planning to visit the UAE for an extended period. Let’s delve into the details of this decision and its impact.

Changes Confirmed by Federal Authority

A Federal Authority For Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security (ICP) call center executive confirmed that the three-month visit visas are no longer available. This decision marks a shift from the previous availability of such visas, indicating changes in the UAE’s visa policies.

The executive revealed, “The three-month entry permit was available a few months ago, but not anymore. Visitors to the UAE can now come on a 30- or 60-day visa.” This adjustment raises questions about the reasons behind discontinuing the three-month option and what alternatives are now in place.

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Verification by Travel Agents

To validate this change further, News Gulf contacted travel agents who confirmed discontinuing the three-month visit visa. According to them, requesting a three-month visit visa is no longer available on the portals they use to issue permits. This move suggests a systemic change in the visa application process, impacting individual travelers and travel agencies.

Evolution During the Pandemic

The three-month visit visa had a tumultuous journey during the Covid-19 pandemic. Initially discontinued, a 60-day visa was introduced as an alternative. However, as the situation improved, the three-month scheme was reinstated in May, initially as a leisure visa.

In Dubai specifically, the 90-day visa continued to be issued with a specific focus. First-degree relatives of residents were eligible for this extended visa option. An Amer call center executive confirmed this, stating that residents could bring their parents or relatives on the three-month scheme.

Conclusion: Navigating the Changes

As the UAE discontinues the three-month visit visas, travelers are urged to stay informed about the latest updates in visa policies. The shift from a three-month to a 30- or 60-day visa may impact travel plans, requiring visitors to adjust their itineraries accordingly.

In conclusion, while discontinuing the three-month visit visa may pose challenges, understanding the evolving landscape of visa regulations is crucial for a seamless travel experience. Travelers are advised to consult with relevant authorities and stay updated on official announcements to ensure a smooth entry into the UAE.


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