Where is the Safest Place to Live in UAE?

Hey there, little pals! πŸ‘‹ Imagine a magical land full of sunshine, where everyone plays nicely, and you never have to worry about scary stuff. That’s a bit like the UAE – a super cool place with lots of sparkle and safety! 🌟

Numbeo’s 2023 Safety Index

What is Numbeo?

Numbeo is like the friendly giant who counts and measures how safe places are. It’s like having a big brother who makes sure everything is A-OK!

UAE’s Silver Medal

Guess what? The UAE got a shiny silver medal for being the second safest of 163 countries. Imagine all those countries in a big race and the UAE zooming past to grab the silver! πŸ₯ˆ

The Safest Cities in UAE

Abu Dhabi: Our Super Safe Capital

Abu Dhabi is like the safety superhero, wearing a cape and ensuring everyone feels snug and secure. It’s like living in a fortress of happiness!

Ajman: A Close Second

Ajman is Abu Dhabi’s excellent sidekick, always nearby to lend a helping hand. It’s like having a best friend who’s super caring and makes you feel all warm inside.

Dubai: High-Five for Safety

Dubai is the high-five hub, giving out high-fives for being the fifth safest city in the world. It’s like a big playground where everyone high-fives because they’re having so much fun and feeling safe! πŸ–οΈ

Understanding Safety for Kids

What Does ‘Safe’ Mean?

Imagine you have a teddy bear. When you hug your teddy bear, you feel happy and cozy, right? Being safe is like having a giant teddy bear hug around you, ensuring nothing scary can sneak in.

How Can a Place Be Safe?

Just like your home has doors and windows to keep you safe, a place becomes safe with unique things like kind people, friendly police, and lots of love in the air.

The Safety Numbeo’s Game

Counting Countries

Numbeo counts so many countries, like counting your toys. And when it says the UAE is the second safest, it’s like saying the UAE has the second-biggest collection of super-safe toys!

Why Second Place is a Winner

Even though it’s not the first, being second is still amazing! It’s like getting the second slice of your favorite cake – you’re still super happy and enjoying every bite.

Abu Dhabi: The Safest Haven

Why Abu Dhabi Rules

Abu Dhabi is like the big brother who knows all the safety tricks. It has friendly police, cozy homes, and lots of smiles. It’s like a giant safety bubble!

A Safe Haven for Families

Families in Abu Dhabi feel like they’re living in a fairy tale where everyone is a prince or princess, and the castle is full of laughter and safety.

Ajman: The Close Contender

Ajman’s Safety Secrets

Ajman may be small, but it’s big on safety secrets. It’s like a treasure chest of happiness, with kind people and warm hugs everywhere.

A Little Gem in UAE’s Crown

Ajman is like a little gem in the UAE’s sparkling crown. It may be tiny, but it shines so bright with safety that everyone notices its glow.

Dubai: The High-Five Hub

Dubai’s Safety Dance

Dubai loves to dance the safety dance. It’s like a big party where everyone is laughing, high-fiving, and feeling the rhythm of safety in the air.

High-Five for Being Fifth

Dubai may be the fifth safest, but it’s high-fiving to the top. It’s like being the fifth player in a super fun game and still getting all the cheers and high-fives! πŸŽ‰

ELI5: Making it Simple

Imagine a Big Playground

Picture the UAE as a gigantic playground. There are slides, swings, and lots of friends. Everyone plays nicely, shares toys, and the playground is so big that it feels like a warm hug.

Everyone Plays Nicely

In this playground, no one pushes or shoves. It’s like a giant game of tag, but everyone is ‘it,’ and they take turns being the leader. It’s all about fun and giggles!

How Numbeo Measures Safety

Numbeo’s Magic Wand

Numbeo uses a magic wand called data to measure safety. It counts crime rates, friendly faces, and how much everyone smiles. It’s like Numbeo’s secret recipe for the perfect safety potion.

What Makes a Place Safe?

Safety is like having a magical shield. The shield comprises good people, happy homes, and lots of love. When these things come together, it’s like creating the safest spell in the world!

Safety Heroes in UAE

Who Keeps Us Safe?

Our safety heroes wear uniforms and have shiny badges. They’re like real-life superheroes, making sure everyone is safe and sound. They’re the protectors of our happy land!

Police, Our Superheroes

Imagine the police as the knights of our kingdom. They ride in their cool cars and ensure everything is peaceful and safe. They’re the heroes who keep the bad things away.

A Safe Home for Everyone

Homes Are Safe Too

Your home is like your own little castle. It has cozy blankets, yummy snacks, and the best bedtime stories. It’s the safest place to be yourself and dream big dreams.

Our Cozy Safe Spaces

In the UAE, every home is like a magical castle. It’s not just a house; it’s a haven where families laugh, play, and create memories that last a lifetime.

Your Safety Role

How You Can Help

You, yes, you, can be a safety superhero, too! It’s as easy as sharing toys, helping friends, and always wearing a big smile. When everyone pitches in, it’s like creating a safety rainbow that shines for everyone to see.

Sharing is Caring

Imagine if you have a bag of candies and share them with your friends. That’s like spreading safety and happiness. Sharing is caring, making the world a better, safer place!

Why Safety Matters

Happy Hearts in Safe Places

When everyone feels safe, their hearts are like happy balloons floating in the sky. Safety makes the sun shine brighter, the laughter louder, and a new adventure of joy every day!

Smiles and Safety

Picture a world where everyone wears a smile because they feel safe and loved. It’s like a giant family photo where everyone’s happiness is the brightest color in the picture.


In the magical land of the UAE, safety is not just a word; it’s a way of life. With Abu Dhabi as the superhero, Ajman as the caring friend, and Dubai as the high-five hub, every corner is a haven of joy. Numbeo’s magic wand measures this happiness, and our safety heroes, the police, ensure it stays that way. Homes are cozy castles, and everyone, including you, plays a role in creating a safety rainbow that shines for miles. So, let’s keep the UAE’s safety crown shining, and remember, a safe world is a happy world!

FAQs: Answering Your Curious Questions!

  1. Q: Is being the second safest still good?
    • A: Absolutely! It’s like getting the second slice of your favorite cake – still unique and joyful.
  2. Q: What makes Abu Dhabi the safest city?
    • A: Abu Dhabi is like the superhero of safety with friendly police, cozy homes, and lots of smiles, creating a giant safety bubble.
  3. Q: Why is Ajman considered a little gem?
    • A: Though small, Ajman shines bright with safety secrets and feels like a treasure chest of happiness.
  4. Q: How does Numbeo measure safety?
    • A: Numbeo uses its magic wand of data to count crime rates, friendly faces, and smiles, creating the perfect safety potion.
  5. Q: How can I be a safety superhero, too?
    • A: Easy! Share toys, help friends, and always wear a big smile. When everyone pitches in, it’s like creating a safety rainbow for all to see.


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