Gulf Countries Connected by GCC Rail; Significant Progress in Implementation

In a groundbreaking move, the Gulf Cooperation Council’s (GCC) rail project is set to connect Gulf countries, with Kuwait initiating the service on the GCC Rail by 2028. This development marks a significant stride in infrastructure, construction, and operational planning, as stated by Roads and Land Transport Public Authority Director-General Khalid Dawi.

The project’s immediate actions are set to commence, with ten international companies submitting tenders, emphasizing technological efficiency and cost-effectiveness. After a meticulous 12-month study and a 30-month implementation period, the selected company will spearhead the initiative. The track is designed to span a remarkable 2,117 kilometers, connecting Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, and the UAE to Muscat in Oman, showcasing a comprehensive transnational transportation network.

Promising to cover 200 kilometers per hour, the passenger and cargo services will revolutionize travel between Gulf nations, ensuring seamless movement and fostering economic opportunities. Regional and Gulf economies are poised to benefit from increased investment opportunities as the project unfolds. The rail’s efficient transportation of goods is anticipated to decrease carbon emissions and vehicular congestion, promoting a sustainable mode of travel.

With a vision to strengthen social ties among GCC citizens, the GCC Rail project is expected to enhance social connectivity, fostering closer relationships between nations. The reduction in transportation costs and carbon footprint is also likely to positively impact the Gulf countries, making goods more affordable and environmentally friendly.

In conclusion, the GCC Rail project heralds a new era of connectivity and economic growth for the Gulf nations. As the railway network takes shape, the positive implications on regional economies, job opportunities, and environmental sustainability will shape a brighter future for the Gulf Cooperation Council.


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