UAE Stock Market: Dividends in the UAE stock market will soon reach investors’ accounts

In a surge of positive news, the UAE stock market is witnessing immediate gains in investors’ portfolios. Over the past weeks, the first profit declarations from various IPOs are making their way into the bank accounts of those who invested. Companies like Dubai Taxi and DevCorp are among the initial IPOs contributing to this financial upswing. The April inaugural shareholder payment is expected to be distributed substantially, totaling AED 71 million.

The eagerly awaited dividends from the DTC, reflecting the Q4-2023 profits of AED 71 million, are set to be announced soon. Following this, companies based in Dubai are projected to allocate up to 85% of their annual profits to investors. This generous distribution will directly benefit depositors. It’s worth noting that, in contrast to 2023 performance, dividends this year are not limited to a select few IP companies; instead, a broader spectrum of IPOs is extending profits to investors.

Adding to the positive financial outlook, other influential IPOs will contribute to the investors’ profitability this year. These companies and DTC are anticipated to share favorable returns with depositors. The diverse performance in 2023 indicates a positive trend for investors expecting healthy investment returns.

In a groundbreaking move, these companies are not limiting their dividend contributions. The powerful IPOs are slated to grant profitable returns to investors throughout the year. This marks a significant departure from the norm, where dividends were typically the sole financial incentive for investors.

As the financial landscape evolves, depositors can anticipate a year of profitability and growth. The robust financial performance of critical IPOs reflects a positive trend in the UAE stock market. Investors are urged to stay informed and capitalize on this opportunity for financial gains.


The UAE stock market is currently experiencing a surge in profitability for investors, with dividends from prominent IPOs contributing to substantial gains in their accounts. This financial windfall is not limited to specific industries, as diverse IPOs are set to distribute profits to depositors. The shift from traditional dividend-only payouts to consistent returns throughout the year is a notable development. Investors are advised to stay informed as the financial landscape evolves and leverage this favorable market trend for long-term gains.


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