Smart Bins in the UAE Revolutionize Shopping Rewards: Nadeera Introduces Innovative Solution

In a groundbreaking move to combat pollution and promote sustainable living, the UAE’s startup scene takes center stage with Nadeera, a tech company based in Abu Dhabi. Leveraging QR codes for tracking and employing cutting-edge technology, Nadeera has introduced smart bins that help keep the environment clean and reward users for responsible disposal.

The Genesis of Nadeera’s Smart Bins

Nadeera, a tech company in Abu Dhabi, has unveiled a remarkable initiative to curb pollution through an ingenious blend of technology and incentivization. With a focus on prominent areas like JLT, JVC, Marina, and South Dubai, Nadeera has strategically placed 50 smart bins across Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

These intelligent bins, equipped with sensor technology, not only facilitate waste disposal but also actively discourage users from disposing of non-recyclable items. Rabih El Char, Nadeera’s CEO, emphasizes that the bins function as access control points, only opening for users when they intend to dispose of recyclable items. The bins are equipped with sensors that detect the content, ensuring that only items suitable for recycling are accepted.

The Functionality of Smart Bins

The intelligent bins boast chip technology, efficiently segregating recyclable and non-recyclable items. Nadeera aims to create a culture where users are motivated to avoid disposing of pollutants by offering a tangible reward system. Rabih El Char elucidates, “Once the bin is full, it sends us a signal, and with every recycling process, users receive rewards and credits.”

Beyond the tangible rewards, Nadeera has introduced an innovative app that further encourages users to participate in the recycling process. The app features tracking capabilities, allowing users to scan their bags, receive feedback on the sorting quality, and earn additional credits. These credits can be redeemed for shopping rewards at various outlets, creating a full-circle system that benefits both the environment and the conscientious users.

How the Process Unfolds

Once an intelligent bin is complete, the collected recyclables are transported to a recycling facility. The sorting process uses state-of-the-art technology, and user feedback on sorting quality is integrated into the credit system. This comprehensive approach ensures that users actively engage in responsible recycling practices and contribute to the ongoing battle against pollution.


Nadeera’s introduction of intelligent bins in the UAE marks a significant stride towards creating a sustainable and eco-friendly environment. By intertwining technology, incentivization, and user engagement, Nadeera not only addresses the issue of pollution but also transforms it into a rewarding experience for the conscientious citizens of the UAE. As smart bins become emblematic of responsible waste disposal, the environmental impact is poised to be substantial. The success of Nadeera’s initiative underscores the potential for innovative solutions to shape a cleaner and greener future.


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