Kerala Salesman Strikes Gold: Wins Dh1 Million in Big Ticket Raffle

In an exciting turn of events, Nalupurackal Keezhath Shamseer, a salesman hailing from the vibrant Indian state of Kerala, recently clinched a life-changing Dh1 million in the weekly draw hosted by Big Ticket in Abu Dhabi.

Shamseer’s stroke of luck came with ticket number 027945, and his journey to this substantial win began when he and his childhood friends, inspired by the success stories of fellow Malayalis, decided to test their fate by purchasing Big Ticket entries.

Seizing Opportunity Amidst Friendship

“This was our fifth attempt at Big Ticket, and it all began when we stumbled upon a captivating advertisement on social media. Witnessing numerous Malayalis striking it big fueled our desire to try our luck,” shared Shamseer, reflecting on the fortunate turn of events.

The winning ticket, obtained through a special offer, marked the culmination of their persistence. “This month, a special email offer caught our attention, prompting us to make our final purchase for 2023,” he disclosed.

Dreams Take Flight with a Free Ticket

Expressing gratitude to Big Ticket, Shamseer revealed plans to fulfill a long-cherished dream: starting his own business. “This Dh1 million windfall is a financial stepping stone. Finally, my dream will materialize, and I’ll be able to establish my own business,” he shared with enthusiasm.

Encouraging fellow Big Ticket enthusiasts, Shamseer said, “To all Big Ticket customers, my advice is simple: never give up.”

A Chance for Millions: December Draw Beckons

Big Ticket’s December draw promises a grand prize of Dh20 million for those eyeing a shot at fortune. Customers participating in the weekly electronic draws throughout the month stand a chance to win Dh1 million, with the pinnacle of anticipation set for December 31, when the live draw unfolds at 2 pm.

Tickets can be conveniently purchased online at or in person at Al Ain Airport or Abu Dhabi International Airport. The grand Dh20 million draw can be witnessed live on December 31 at 2 pm through Big Ticket’s official YouTube channel, Facebook page, and Instagram pages.

In Shamseer’s inspiring victory, there’s a testament to the adage that persistence pays off. The lure of a dream and the thrill of chance have reshaped his future. As the year concludes, Big Ticket enthusiasts remain hopeful, with one more millionaire-to-be yet to be revealed.


The story of Nalupurackal Keezhath Shamseer’s Dh1 million triumph is a reminder of the transformative power of opportunity and persistence. Big Ticket’s allure extends beyond a mere raffle, allowing individuals to turn dreams into reality. As December unfolds, the anticipation of a new millionaire and the grand Dh20 million draw adds an extra layer of excitement to the holiday season.


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