Dubai’s RTA Increases Minimum Top-Up Amount for Nol Card

In a recent announcement, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai revealed that there will be a change in the minimum top-up amount for the popular Nol card starting January 15. The new minimum top-up for Nol cards will be Dh20, as communicated by the RTA through their official Twitter account.

Until now, commuters using Nol cards could conveniently top-up with a minimum of Dh5. This adjustment by the RTA aims to streamline the usage of Nol cards and enhance the efficiency of the payment system associated with public transportation in Dubai.

To put this into perspective, it’s essential to note that the minimum balance required on a Nol card for a round trip on the Metro transit network is currently Dh15. Commuters must ensure a minimum balance of Dh15 to cover their round-trip expenses using the Dubai Metro.

The Nol card, functioning as a prepaid smart card, serves as the primary mode of payment for various public transport options across Dubai, including the Dubai Metro, buses, trams, and waterbuses. Moreover, the versatility of the Nol card extends beyond public transportation; it can be used to pay for taxi fares, parking, and entrance fees to Dubai public parks, the Etihad Museum, and more than 2,000 shops, restaurants, and stores throughout the city.

Convenient Top-Up Options

The RTA provides multiple options to facilitate the top-up process for Nol card users. Commuters can conveniently add credit to their Nol cards using RTA ticket vending machines, solar top-up machines, and the Nol Pay app for virtual cards. This accessibility ensures that individuals can easily maintain the necessary balance on their cards, promoting a seamless travel experience.

Additionally, the RTA has introduced Nol Plus, a loyalty and rewards program designed exclusively for Nol cardholders. Members of Nol Plus accrue points and enjoy unique benefits each time they use their Nol card for Dubai Metro rides, taxi fares, public buses, or parking charges. These loyalty points can be redeemed to top-up the Nol account or avail discounts when shopping or dining at selected restaurants.

The implementation of Nol Plus adds an extra layer of value for regular users of the Nol card, turning everyday transactions into opportunities for savings and rewards. This initiative aligns with the RTA’s commitment to enhancing the overall experience for public transport users in Dubai.


In conclusion, the RTA’s decision to raise the minimum top-up amount for Nol cards to Dh20 is a strategic move aimed at optimizing the functionality of this widely used smart card in Dubai. The adjustments not only streamline the payment process but also contribute to the sustainability of the public transportation system. As Dubai continues to evolve as a global city, such proactive measures ensure that the infrastructure supporting daily life remains efficient and user-friendly.

Stay tuned for further updates on Dubai’s transportation and infrastructure developments. For more information and the latest news, follow KT on WhatsApp Channels.


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