Changing Lives: UAE Expats Transform Fortunes with Dh25,000 for 25 Years Winnings

In a heartwarming turn of events, Indian expat Mohammed Adil’s life took a transformative leap when he secured Dh25,000 for 25 years in the Emirates’ Draw Fast 5 game. Beyond the personal windfall, Adil’s story is one of benevolence, as he channels his winnings into positively impacting the lives of those around him.

Having received four installments thus far, Adil wasted no time becoming a beacon of generosity. In a remarkable display of kindness, he donated a significant portion of his initial winnings to sponsor the wedding of a girl from a financially strained family with seven daughters. Adil shared, “The girl’s father has seven daughters, and it was difficult for him to cover the marriage expenses. I am happy I could help them.”

The second installment saw Adil extending his philanthropy to cover the medical expenses of a less privileged man’s mother. He reflected on his selfless actions, “I am happy that I can make people happy around me. May the Almighty retain this in me.”

Adil, a resident of Azamgarh in India and the sole provider for a family of eight, shoulders the responsibility of supporting his own family, his late brother’s family, and his parents. Tragically, his brother succumbed to Covid while working in Saudi Arabia.

Grateful for the support of his family, Adil envisions using his winnings to secure a brighter future for his children. He has already invested in an apartment in Lucknow, India, and plans to relocate his family there soon. Despite this newfound prosperity, he remains committed to his job and nurtures dreams of investing in Dubai’s real estate, contemplating the establishment of a business in the UAE.

Dreams Blossoming: Freilyn Angob’s Journey with Dh25,000

Freilyn Angob, another fortunate recipient of the monthly Dh25,000 prize, shares her transformative experience as a three-time winner. Expressing profound gratitude, she acknowledges this financial boon’s immense impact on her and her family.

For Angob, this windfall serves as a safety net, allowing her to plan for a future business venture. Dreaming of owning a farm and expressing her compassion for animals, she envisions using her winnings to adopt stray dogs. “I dream of having my very own farm and adopting stray dogs as much as I can, and I am hopeful that this prize will help me fulfill it,” said Angob.

Beyond personal aspirations, Angob has already brought her parents to the UAE, enabling them to savor the country’s wonders. Despite her newfound fortune, she remains humble, actively extending help to those in need. “I have helped some people that needed my help, and I am hoping to save more and help more people in the future,” said Angob.

In a touching note, Angob emphasizes that her family now has the opportunity to pursue long-held desires. “All my successes/successes in life, big or small, my family has been very supportive; my successes/successes are theirs as well,” said Angob.

Conclusion: A Tapestry of Generosity and Dreams

In the wake of life-changing wins, Mohammed Adil and Freilyn Angob exemplify the transformative power of fortune. Their stories weave a tapestry of generosity, kindness, and dreams realized. Beyond personal gain, both individuals aspire to uplift those around them, showcasing the true essence of community spirit.

As Adil envisions a brighter future for his extended family and invests in the development of his community, Angob dreams of creating a haven for animals and continues to extend a helping hand to those in need. These narratives inspire and remind us that a stroke of luck can catalyze positive change.

May their stories serve as a testament to the potential of goodness that can emerge from unexpected windfalls, radiating positivity and hope within the community.


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