Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud: Title of Top Leader in the Arab World with Over 69% Votes

In a noteworthy voting turnout in Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud has been re-elected as the top leader with over 69% of the votes. The title of “Most Influential Personality in the Arab World 2023” is bestowed upon him after an extraordinary endorsement from 530,399 voters, approximately 69.3% of the total votes (366,403 votes).

Success Behind the Election

The election, initiated on December 15 and orchestrated by the R.T. Arabic channel, saw Amir Muhammad bin Salman Al Saud dominating the vote count within seven days, ensuring his position as the most influential Arab leader.

Riyadh’s Role in Economic and Well-being Enhancement

Riyadh, set to transform into the global entertainment hub “Khiddiya,” witnessed ambitious infrastructure projects. Amir Muhammad bin Salman Al Saud stated that this transformation would enrich the regional economy and enhance the quality of life for its residents.

Focus on Regional Development

The re-elected leader emphasized that the “Khiddiya” project is not just about a name change but also an effort to make Riyadh one of the top ten most advanced cities globally. By combining aspects like entertainment, sports, and cultural life, he committed to creating job opportunities for the younger generation and boosting the city’s global appeal.

Vision 2030 and the Role of Saudi Youth

The concept of “Vision 2030” is the cornerstone of this project. The Saudi leader hopes to design a sustainable development model that focuses on oil revenue and economic diversification. This presents significant opportunities for Saudi youth to contribute actively to their country’s progress.

Khiddiya: Epitome of Progress

As Riyadh evolves into a more advanced economic and cultural center, Khiddiya is seen as a historic milestone. This project will bring transformation at the regional level and create abundant job opportunities and business prospects.

With a resounding victory in this election, Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud once again proved he was a beloved and trusted leader by his people. At the same time, ambitious projects like “Khiddiya” create new optimism for a brighter future for Saudi Arabia.


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