Exploring the Best Health Insurance in UAE for 2024: Unveiling Top Companies, Details, Prices, Plans, and Family Coverage

In the dynamic healthcare landscape, finding the best health insurance in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is paramount for residents and expatriates. As of 2024, several insurance providers offer comprehensive plans catering to diverse needs. Let’s delve into the details of the top health insurance options, covering companies, plan specifics, annual limits, and pricing.

Overview of Health Insurance Plans in UAE

Insurance ProviderHealth Insurance PlanAnnual Sum Limit
Adamjee InsuranceSilk Road – Plan CAED 1,000,000
DNIRCSilk Road – Plan CAED 1,000,000
Orient InsuranceSilk Road – Family Care Plan BAED 1,000,000
Takaful EmaratSilverAED 1,000,000
Orient UNB TakafulPlan 5AED 1,000,000

Unveiling the Top Health Insurance Providers

Adamjee Insurance

Adamjee Insurance emerges as a robust choice, offering coverage to UAE residents and their family members on a valid visa. Their services span various health treatments, encompassing inpatient care and support for chronic conditions.


Aetna International stands out with its global reach, providing customized health insurance plans to over 55 million members. Their offerings include tailored coverage based on medical needs, telehealth services, outpatient care, and emergency treatments, incorporating dental, maternity, and optical care.


Cigna Healthcare in Dubai prioritizes premium services, integrating digital solutions for efficient health insurance management. Cigna is a notable contender with an advanced telehealth service, an extensive network of healthcare facilities, and an impressive 86% customer satisfaction rating.


Daman, a leading healthcare insurer in Dubai, caters to Golden visa holders with diverse packages. Their services feature telemedicine, top-tier health insurance access through a dedicated app, and streamlined direct billing and claims processing.

Dubai Insurance Company

Established in 1970, Dubai Insurance Company is the first national insurer in the UAE. Offering a basic plan starting at AED 525, they boast a network of over 3,000 healthcare providers and a user-friendly DubaiCare app for hassle-free insurance processing.

GIG Gulf

GIG Gulf, formerly AXA, boasts a vast network of 3,000 healthcare centers in the UAE and a global reach with 800,000 providers. Their services include round-the-clock support, free teleconsultations, comprehensive travel coverage, and a user-friendly Mygig app.


MetLife provides personalized health insurance solutions in Dubai, covering a spectrum of options from basic to advanced. Recognized with numerous awards for outstanding services, they cover 32 critical health conditions and offer up to USD 500,000 for lost income.

RAK Insurance

RAK Insurance offers meticulously crafted plans catering to coverage needs, spanning outpatient and inpatient care. They have the flexibility to choose preferred doctors and medical facilities and provide competitive pricing and partnerships with TruDoc and Global Emergency Travel Assistance.

Sukoon Health

Sukoon Health offers affordable health insurance plans starting from AED 560 annually. Their variety of plans with different cover limits cater to diverse preferences, offering complimentary 24×7 access to doctors and wellness programs like LivFit.

Takaful Emarat

Established in 2008, Takaful Emarat provides Shariah-compliant life and health insurance solutions. Earning recognition for their hassle-free process and punctual services, they cover prescription drugs, physiotherapy sessions, dental care, and optional eye treatments.


In the UAE’s bustling landscape of health insurance, each provider brings a unique set of offerings. Whether it’s Adamjee Insurance’s comprehensive coverage, Aetna’s global reach, or Takaful Emarat’s Sharia-compliant solutions, residents have many options. Assessing individual needs, preferences, and budget constraints will undoubtedly play a crucial role in making an informed decision regarding the best health insurance plan for 2024.


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