Dubai Resident Strikes Gold with Dh15-Million Jackpot in Emirates Draw

In an exhilarating turn of events, a Dubai resident emerged as the latest fortunate soul to clinch the Dh15-million jackpot in the Emirates Draw. The win marks a significant moment for the Easy6 game, with the lucky winner securing the grand prize with a mere Dh15 ticket and astute number selection from a pool of 39 possibilities.

A Fortuitous Victory

On a lucky Friday night, the third grand prize winner of the Easy6 game saw all six chosen numbers align perfectly with the draw’s results: 14, 28, 15, 4, 37, and 32. The odds-defying win adds another layer of excitement to the Emirates Draw, showcasing the life-changing potential a simple Dh15 ticket holds.

The first lucky Easy6 winner to claim the Dh15-million prize was an Indian driver sustaining a modest Dh3,200 monthly salary. Following suit, the second jackpot recipient was a Dubai-based Filipino coffee shop manager. These stories highlight the democratizing nature of the Emirates Draw, where anyone, regardless of their background, has the chance to strike it rich.

Unveiling the Winner’s Identity

While the identity of the third winner remains undisclosed, Emirates Draw assures the public that a thorough verification process is underway. The suspense surrounding the revelation adds an extra layer of anticipation and excitement to an already jubilant occasion.

Mohammad Behroozian Alawadhi, managing partner at Emirates Draw, expressed the team’s delight, stating, “Today is a joyful celebration, a testament to our continuous commitment to positively impacting people’s lives. The Emirates Draw Team is excited, impressively concluding this year, and looking forward to more wins and surprises in 2024.”

Transformative Impact

Alawadhi believes that this windfall will transform the winner’s life and create positive ripples throughout their community. Emirates Draw remains dedicated to its mission of giving back, exemplified by its flagship Coral Reef Restoration Programme, which aligns with the UAE’s sustainability vision.

As the Emirates Draw continues to capture the imagination of residents and expatriates alike, the Easy6 game stands out as a beacon of hope and opportunity. The jackpot wins underscore the game’s potential to change lives and foster community through shared excitement and dreams of winning big.


In conclusion, the recent Dh15-million jackpot win in the Emirates Draw reflects individual fortune and the broader impact of such victories on communities. As the Easy6 game continues to create more winners, it remains a symbol of hope and possibility in the hearts of many. The Emirates Draw team looks ahead to 2024 with enthusiasm, anticipating more wins and surprises that contribute to the joyous fabric of Dubai’s diverse population.


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