NORKA-Roots Collaborates with Banks to Support Returning Malayali Expatriates

In a significant move to support returning Malayali expatriates seeking self-employment opportunities in Kerala, NORKA-Roots has initiated a pioneering project named the NORKA Department Project for Emigrants (N.D.P.E.M.). The state government, through the NORKA-Roots, is collaborating with various banks to provide financial assistance and subsidies to those venturing into self-employment upon returning from abroad, primarily coordinated with Kerala Bank.

Expanding Opportunities for Returnees

The project aims to identify eligible consumers in various districts of Kerala and establish Vyapaar Vaypaara Camps to facilitate the distribution of benefits. UAE-based Malayali diaspora organizations, advocating for the promotion of this initiative, have emphasized the importance of publicizing these opportunities among expatriates.

According to C.I.O. Harikrishnan Nampoothiri, the Secretary of NORKA C.I.O. Harikrishnan Nampoothiri, the program extends support to a diverse range of ventures such as tourism, food processing, integrated farming, dairy farming, fishery, poultry farming, floriculture, vegetable cultivation, beekeeping, meat retail centers, total trade, supermarkets, restaurants, home stays, repair shops, and beauty parlors. NORKA envisions empowering expatriates with opportunities in fields like production, small scale, and manufacturing industries, electronics, salons, beauty parlors, paper recycling, and small-scale businesses.

Subsidies and Financial Support

As part of the comprehensive resettlement scheme, the program provides stable income, bank loans, and capital subsidy to eligible candidates. Self-employment loans, up to a maximum of INR 3 lakhs, will be granted with a subsidy of up to 30% for a period of three years. The scheme also allows a 30% subsidy on a maximum of INR 3 million for those who successfully repay the subsidy.

To access these benefits, expatriates who have returned within the last two years can register on the NORKA-Roots website through the N.D.P.E.M. program. This initiative is expected to not only contribute to the economic development of the state but also help returning expatriates seamlessly reintegrate into the workforce.

Holistic Resettlement Program

The holistic resettlement program encompasses a stable income, banking opportunities, and subsidies for capital, ensuring a smooth transition for returning expatriates. Eligible applicants can receive a maximum self-employment loan of INR 3 lakhs, coupled with a substantial 30% subsidy for a three-year period. Additionally, those who demonstrate sustained success in their ventures can avail themselves of a 30% subsidy on a maximum of INR 3 million.

This initiative is not limited to financial support alone; it extends its reach to aid returning expatriates in the sectors of transportation. Fourteen banks have joined hands to facilitate transportation loans, providing further opportunities for those entering into business post-return.

Registering for Opportunities

Expatriates interested in availing themselves of these opportunities can register on the NORKA-Roots website ( The N.D.P.E.M. program, initiated by the Kerala Government through NORKA-Roots, aims to assist returning Malayali expatriates in establishing their own businesses and contributing to the economic growth of the state.

In conclusion, NORKA-Roots’ collaboration with banks to support returning Malayali expatriates is a crucial step towards fostering entrepreneurship and economic self-sufficiency. This innovative program not only provides financial assistance but also creates a conducive environment for returning expatriates to establish themselves in various sectors, contributing to the overall development of Kerala.


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