Mitchell Starc Emerges as the Most Expensive Player in IPL History, Surpassing Pat Cummins

In a surprising turn of events at the IPL auction in Dubai, Mitchell Starc, Australia’s World Cup-winning batter, has secured the title of the most expensive player in the history of the Indian Premier League (IPL). Kolkata Knight Riders made a remarkable bid of Rs247.5 million to acquire Starc’s services, surpassing the previous record held by Pat Cummins.

Starc Triumphs Over Cummins

The dramatic bidding war unfolded during the live broadcast of the tournament’s player auction. Sunrisers Hyderabad, earlier in the day, had set a significant milestone by paying Rs205 million ($2.47 million) to secure Pat Cummins. However, Starc’s entry into the auction shifted the dynamics as Kolkata Knight Riders were determined to make a statement.

A Historic Price Tag

Starc’s price tag of Rs247.5 million makes him the most expensive player in the current auction and sets a new benchmark in the IPL’s financial landscape. The bidding frenzy showcased the value teams place on top-tier talent, especially given Starc’s remarkable track record in international cricket.

Cummins’ Previous Record Surpassed

The previous record for the highest bid in the IPL was held by Pat Cummins, who had commanded a sum of Rs205 million ($2.47 million) in the previous edition. Starc’s staggering price has now overshadowed Cummins’ record, signaling a shift in the market dynamics for premier cricketing talent.

Star’s Absence in Previous IPL

It’s worth noting that Mitchell Starc opted out of the IPL in the preceding year due to a congested cricketing calendar. His return to the auction and the subsequent breaking of the previous record underlines the demand and anticipation surrounding his participation in the IPL.


In conclusion, the IPL auction in Dubai witnessed a historic moment as Mitchell Starc emerged as the most expensive player, eclipsing the previous record held by Pat Cummins. The spirited bidding war between franchises exemplifies the premium placed on exceptional talent in the IPL. As Starc joins Kolkata Knight Riders with a record-breaking contract, cricket enthusiasts are eager to witness his on-field prowess in the upcoming season.


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