Grants Free Heart Surgeries to 50 Children on M.A. Yousufali’s 50th Anniversary

In a heartfelt gesture honoring M.A. Yousufali’s 50 years of dedicated public service, Burjeel Holdings, under the leadership of Dr. Shamsir Vayal, announced free heart surgeries for 50 children facing cardiac ailments. This initiative, spearheaded by the VP of Health Care at VPS Healthcare, aims to provide life-changing interventions for children born with heart conditions.

M.A. Yousufali, a well-respected figure in the community, has been a beacon of philanthropy and public service for half a century. Acknowledging his contributions, Burjeel Holdings, a prominent healthcare group, supports 50 needy children. Dr. Shamsir Vayal, the Chairman of Burjeel Holdings, expressed his admiration for Yousufali’s lifetime achievements and emphasized the importance of community-driven healthcare initiatives.

The Heartwarming Project

This noble project is set to benefit 50 children suffering from congenital heart diseases. Dr. Shamsir Vayal, in collaboration with VPS Healthcare, has devised a program that will facilitate free cardiac surgeries for children in India, the UAE, and Oman. The initiative is a testament to the global impact of Yousufali’s philanthropic endeavors.

The 50 children, selected based on medical evaluations, will undergo surgeries in leading hospitals associated with VPS Healthcare. Dr. Shamsir Vayal highlighted the significance of addressing cardiac issues in children and stressed the commitment to providing world-class medical care irrespective of geographical boundaries.

A Legacy of Compassion

M.A. Yousufali’s impact extends beyond his native India, reaching communities in the UAE and Oman. Dr. Shamsir Vayal praised Yousufali’s relentless dedication, stating that the project is a humble tribute to a man who has devoted five decades to uplifting the underprivileged.

Dr. Shabeen Yousufali, daughter of M.A. Yousufali and Vice-Chairperson of VPS Healthcare, is actively involved in the project. Her commitment reflects the family’s shared values of compassion and service to humanity. Dr. Shabeen and her husband, Dr. Shamsir Vayal, exemplify the continuation of Yousufali’s legacy through impactful initiatives.

A Symbolic Anniversary Celebration

As M.A. Yousufali celebrates his 50th year of service, the free heart surgeries for 50 children symbolize gratitude from Burjeel Holdings and VPS Healthcare. The initiative underscores the belief that healthcare should be accessible to all, echoing Yousufali’s lifelong commitment to social welfare.

In conclusion, this collaborative effort between Burjeel Holdings and VPS Healthcare is not just a medical intervention but a celebration of compassion, community, and a half-century of selfless service by M.A. Yousufali. The impact of these free heart surgeries will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the lives of 50 children, reflecting the enduring legacy of a man dedicated to making a positive difference.


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