Care for the earth; Today is Environment Day in Qatar

Doha: Qatar will be celebrating Environment Day today under the slogan “Our land is our legacy”. Every February 26, National Environment Day, is observed to highlight the importance of protecting the environment.

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change is leading the effort. It aims to educate the public on the importance of protecting the environment and to encourage members of the community to be more environmentally friendly.

This country has developed technologies that address climate change and clean electricity. The country is preparing to combat climate change by making public transport more eco-friendly, planting trees along roadsides, building eco-friendly roads, and setting up solar power plants. Strong measures to reduce carbon emissions and air pollution by waste recycling are also being taken. To reduce carbon emissions, electric vehicles are also being promoted.

Art in harmony with the environment

Doha – Qatar Environment Day: Art, environment and the center of Baroukh’s exhibition. The exhibition was inaugurated by Sheikh Dr. Faleh Bin Nasser bin Ahmad Al Thani, Environment and Climate Change Minister. Al Hosh Gallery collaborated to create the exhibition. It features paintings and artworks that are focused on modern art and the environment.

Visitors were able to learn more about the biodiversity in the area through the 3-day exhibition. The authorities created a new form of a modern local art exhibit. The exhibition will be accompanied by many events that are related to the environment. Today will be the last day of the 3-day exhibition.

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