Sultan Al Neyadi’s space flight on the 27th

Abu Dhabi: The second space flight of Sultan Al Neyadi, UAE’s second astronaut, has been postponed until 27. At 10.45 UAE time, the Falcon-9 rocket will launch from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center. Neyadi will join NASA mission commander Stephen Bowen and pilot Warren Hoberg on their six-month space research trip. Although it had been planned to depart at 11 a.m. on the 26th, technical issues forced it to change.

NASA announced that all final preparations have been made for the trip. Sultan Al Neyadi arrived at Kennedy Space Center and stated that he was mentally, physically, and technically prepared. The four-member team flew from Houston, Texas to arrive here. They were currently training.

Neyadi will be leading many scientific experiments in space. The space station will host this year’s feast and fast of Neyadi. The UAE will be among 11 countries that send long-term tourists to the International Space Station.

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