Employment in the UAE During Ramadan: Recruiting increases for these positions throughout the holy month

During the holy month of Ramadan, UAE citizens’ typical habits and priorities shift, which significantly boosts economic activity in several sectors and frequently necessitates company employee expansion.

Despite the fact that employment generally slows down during Ramadan due to operational constraints including fewer hours worked, some UAE businesses that operate in specific industries like food and beverage (F&B), hospitality, logistics, travel, retail, and e-commerce hire throughout the holy month.

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According to industry officials in the recruitment sector, particular vocations and positions like customer service representatives, cashiers, marketing and advertising specialists, delivery drivers, cooks and kitchen workers, sales associates, and event planners are in great demand in the UAE during Ramadan.

“Business needs determine the hiring trends throughout Ramadan. This month, some businesses hire seasonal workers while slowdowns affect others. The management of Iftar and suhoor services may call for more personnel in sectors like restaurants and catering businesses.

To accommodate the rise in consumer goods demand throughout the month, retail and e-commerce businesses may also need to hire extra staff, according to Sanjeev Giri, head of operations for Adecco Middle East.

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He claimed that a boom in travel during Ramadan, when many locals fly back to their own countries, may result in an increase in personnel hiring in the tourist sector.

According to Hatim Maskawala, general director of MΓ©tier, an HR consulting organization, businesses experience a significant boost in demand for their products and services during Ramadan. As a result, several sectors tend to increase hiring and team size during this time.

“Retailers report a rise in consumer spending as shoppers tend to spend more on food, apparel, and presents, particularly as Eid-ul-Fitr approaches. To meet this increased demand, it is essential to hire workers, particularly sales assistants and cashiers, he explained, adding that Ramadan also brings a spike in revenue for hotels, restaurants, and cafes.

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“To meet the rising demand, the hospitality industry is constantly looking for temporary employees. During this time, typically, cooks, servers, and housekeepers are hired.

He claimed that logistics companies frequently bring on extra staff, such as drivers, delivery people, and warehouse workers, to help manage the demand appropriately during Ramadan in order to handle the increased burden brought on by the high demand for goods and services online.

During this period, charitable organizations also add more employees and volunteers to help organize donations and distribute them to individuals in need.

According to Hatim Maskawala, employers in the UAE should be considerate and supportive of job seekers who attend interviews while fasting during the holy month of Ramadan.

“Hiring during Ramadan might be difficult because of the shortened workweeks and the fact that many employees are fasting. Consequently, it’s imperative that businesses this month be adaptable and tolerant to their staff.

Candidates’ performance in interviews and tests may occasionally suffer because they are occasionally worn out and less attentive than normal. It’s critical to recognize this fact and provide candidates the opportunity to deliver their finest work, he said.

In order to allow candidates to break their fast at the proper time, Maskawala advised that the interview time be considered and should ideally be planned earlier in the day or after nightfall.


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