Best Job Search Destination: UAE As Number One Destination For Job Search

Dubai: Dubai has been voted the best destination to search for jobs. Nadia Global released the report. Nadia Global released the report. More people are applying for jobs in the UAE than ever before. The survey revealed that the UAE saw a 200 percent increase in vacancies during the first half 2022. The main facts of this report are: 


Inflation Most employees anticipate a salary rise in the next 12 month. The average salary has increased by 1-3% since 2008, even though the sector hasn’t seen a double-digit increase in salaries since 2007. The current situation for employers is that they have to manage inflationary pressures as well as the need for talent. Employers must increase their employees’ salaries.

Promotion and job security

Both employees and employers are faced with the dilemma of balancing rising costs and job security. Employers need to find other ways to recognize and reward workers. It will be more focused on labor grading, which focuses on loyalty and responsibilities, as well as performance bonuses for higher-skilled employees, with feedback and targets. Employers should review their transport allowances and compensation for personal transport, as petrol prices are a major driver of inflation.

Change in labor market dynamics

Freelancers are more attractive to employers Significant increase in commission-only sales positions (no salary) – 5 percent lower pay than the existing employees New hires post-Covid Employers are putting more emphasis on IT/digital marketing hiring. This is a 65 percent increase.

Popular Vacancies

Emirates Airlines increases its recruitment by hiring 6,000 cabin crew members and 2,000 pilots.
Expo 2020 has boosted HORECA (hotels restaurants and cafes), and events-related employment for juniors Accounts, sales and marketing positions will increase by 45 percent in the third quarter of 2021, and continue to grow at the same rate. Senior HR Vacancies up 35 percent in Q3-2021, and continues at the same growth rate Higher.


Salaries for finance and accounting professionals range from AED 4,300 up to AED 40,000. Secretarial and administration roles pay AED 3,500 up to AED 16,000, depending on the position and seniority. For those who work on-demand, HR positions can earn up to AED 48,000. Depending on the organization’s size, regional HR directors and managers can make up to AED 105,000 each month.

AED 27,000 is the market rate for IT or cyber security roles. Depending on the organization, IT Managers and IT Directors can earn up to AED 63,000. Salaries in the supply chain, logistics, and procurement sectors range between AED 5,500 for a logistic assistant and AED 68,000 to become a logistics director at a multinational company.
AED 18,000. This is the average salary for those working in marketing and sales. It can go up to AED 36,000. Higher positions such as Regional Marketing Manager and Marketing Director can earn up to AED 90,000.


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