All travelers must declare any foreign currency, assets, or jewelry worth more than Dh60,000

Every traveler carrying more than Dh60,000, or an equivalent amount in any other money, financial assets, precious metal, or gemstones, must report it to customs officials when entering or leaving the UAE.

To ensure safe travel, the Federal Authority for Identification and Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security in the UAE has reminded travelers that they must all abide by the customs laws’ established processes.

No cash restriction applies to passengers traveling to or from the UAE, although the authority emphasized that any sum above Dh60,000 must be declared.

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Each family member above the age of 18 is permitted, under the UAE’s disclosure system, to enter and exit the country with up to Dh60,000 ($60,000) or it’s equivalent in foreign money without having to declare it to customs officials.

Any cash above the aforementioned limit must be disclosed, either through the “Afsah” system or another system that has been authorized at the nation’s border crossing locations.

Also, the amount of cash and other valuables that travelers under the age of 18, including kids and teenagers, may carry, must be added to the predetermined limit of their parents or traveling adult family members.

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The authority declared that it had introduced the online system to disclose cash and other financial instruments, precious metals, and stones via the ICA website and its intelligent mobile application to allow travelers to complete the disclosure process and register their data easily and from anywhere in a few minutes before and during their travel. The goal of the move is to make travel to and from the UAE secure and comfortable.


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